Remember Super Mario 3D Land, the ancestor of the often forgotten 3D world – a feature

Remember Super Mario 3D Land, the ancestor of the often forgotten 3D world - a feature
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You don’t need to tell you how 2020 was a challenging year, but for dedicated Super Mario fans there were little amenities to be found. After months of rumors, Nintendo celebrated the series’ Thirty-fifth anniversary Dramatically this did not cause an end to the content. Before that, even Super Mario Maker 2 I got a huge update in April that added World Maker and 3D all-star We brought 64And the sunshine And the The galaxy On the switch in one package. Heck, we got a Battle Royale in it Super Mario Bros 35 For some reason, that doesn’t even include casual games.

Even if it’s the last two games Supposedly Available only until March 31 – fact that caused No end to controversy – The celebrations are not over yet. While the fans kept thinking Galaxy 2 Exclusion from 3D All-Stars (something we have Few theories On), Super Mario 3D World + Fury Bowser The Switch is called next month, joining that growing group of Wii U ports in the midst of these anniversary plans, most of the 3D entries are getting some renewed love from Nintendo, but the previous version of 3D World has been left in the dark a bit, and has scored low. Relatively speaking in our survey of remakes you’d like to see on Switch in June last year. For many players, apparently, it was barely recorded.

For those who may not keep up Each In plumber’s canon, that was the game Super Mario 3D Land, A strange entry in the history of Super Mario that launched on the 3DS in 2011. It takes its name from Super Mario Land A spin-off series, 3D Land became the first original Super Mario 3D game for a portable console (excluding 64th edition of DS), While keeping the basic gameplay with a classic touch.

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Along with the Galaxy 2, it is also one of the last 3D entries not yet switched to the Switch. Sure, 3D Land received a mention during the 35th anniversary montage, which is more than a sequel to Spaceflight, but this exclusion received far less attention from loyal fans. We’d argue that this is a game worth revisiting on Switch so simply, it’s unique.

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