Raya And The Last Dragon opens at $ 8 million + with Pic reopening in Disney + and NYC – Deadline

Raya And The Last Dragon opens at $ 8 million + with Pic reopening in Disney + and NYC - Deadline

Saturday morning update: Updated with NYC BO data Even with three broad new releases at the box office this weekend and the recent reopening of New York City, the numbers are still at pre-pandemic levels. But there is a lot of drama going on.

Let’s start with DisneyTheatrical day and release date for Disney + Motion Pictures Raya and the last dragon Who seems to be heading the weekend with a report in the studio $ 2.5 million Friday and the weekend industry estimate $ 8.3M In 2045 theaters.

Those numbers are just under the $ 3 million on Friday and the $ 9 million – $ 10 million we were hearing about, and they are definitely less than the $ 14.1 million that Warner Bros. released on the same day from HBO Max. Tom & Jerry Posted last weekend. RiaThe opening weekend is less than The Croods: A New EraOpening for 3 days during the Thanksgiving holiday period, which recorded $ 9.7 million. This is definitely because Disney has not reached a deal with Cinemark Series # 3. As we told you at the beginning (Thus, it lost about 250 reservations), the Canadian Harkins, and the Canadian Cineplex. Even as New York City opens, Ria Not the kind of movie that will meet in town like, say, Marvel movie.

Real Fast, Ask Everyone About NYC’s Performance in the Business Office After Reopening With 25% Capacity Restrictions: Deadline Has Known That NY DMA is + 614% Friday through Friday because New York City theaters are returning to the Internet after a 50 1/2 week shutdown. The New York DMA was the # 1 market in the country last night with $ 307K.


Although these numbers are on Ria Not strong (for the epidemic) as we saw yesterday, the release sparks a lot of fear on the competing distributors and the show. This is especially after Disney CEO Bob Tashkick Recent comments Monday At a hypothetical investment conference hosted by Morgan Stanley in which he said things like, “The consumer may be more impatient than they have ever been,” and given how the pandemic has brought home a number of movies, it is definitely not like this. In which work was previously done. Although Chapek said, “We definitely don’t want to do anything like cut off legs for a stage show”, many are concerned that all of this is symbolic for Disney moving forward with their theatrical day and Disney + model history, and that is Black Widow It may simulate the same distribution path as Ria On May 7th.

Bear in mind that even if Los Angeles reopens by then and hall capacity restrictions are eased, Disney still needs the rest of the world to move forward with Black Widow And he made the movie which grossed $ 1 billion that everyone wants to see, meaning the title remains a purely theatrical release.

What frightens many Ria Is that Disney will keep 100% of what they make with their $ 30 Disney + PVOD purchase Ria. Disney does not have to split PVOD revenues with any exhibitors. This was explained to me RiaA $ 30 price point on Disney + is roughly the same as the rent Disney would get for five or six movie tickets. Gorgeous. While I heard that Warner Bros. He was a partner on the show, and he made a deal on terms the same day for HBO Max titles. Disney didn’t budge.

I was told that Disney’s terms Ria The minimum playout was for two weeks with a scale that starts with a rental of 50% if the film total is ultimately between $ 0 and $ 37.5M, then 51% if the GDP is between $ 37.5M and $ 50M. While these terms aren’t harsh in the regular market, we’re still in a pandemic, and people aren’t flocking to movies in droves. Additionally, movie theaters have to fully compete with Disney + PVOD. How fair is the exhibition?

Black Widow
Marvel Studios

Let’s see what happens with Black Widow, And if Disney simulates a file Ria Disney + theatrical distribution style for that title. I would like to give your youngster the benefit of the doubt. Going back to Disney’s Investor Day in December, he clearly confirmed Disney + ‘strong roster It wouldn’t be possible without the power of the big screen And the privileges you created. he is’s also the guy who smashed the DVD-theatrical window, starting from Alice in Wonderland Back in 2010; The studio went on to gross $ 1.025 billion for this film.

Disney didn’t burn the house to keep warm at the time, and I still don’t think it will now. Currently, the studio is saying that Black Widow Still in theaters on May 7, the show hadn’t heard otherwise. They’re very fishy, ​​as there weren’t any Marvel movie trailers Ria This past weekend, only those for a May 28th Disney theatrical release Cruella.

From an absolute box office visual point of view, one could argue that Disney left money on the table Ria Through boxing between Cinemark and Canadian Cineplex. Why do you do that with a movie like Ria Which has A CinemaScore, is 95% recent Rotten Tomatoes, and PostTrak’s impressive 93% audience exit, with 80% of the general audience recommendation?

Only Disney knows the answer to this question. When it comes to potentially unreporting Disney + Ria PVOD numbers, no good news. For anything larger that would throw the motion picture distribution model off its axis.


On the upside to the movie Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada he directed, Ria It attracted a large female crowd at 57%, and a third of those who bought tickets were under the age of 17. The diversity split was 37% Caucasian, 22% Black, 21% Asian and 20% Hispanic. Raya played the best performance in Salt Lake City, as I heard, but she had very good numbers for the epidemic in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Houston, Seattle and Phoenix; The list goes on.

Warners does not report the numbers Tom & Jerry Today. But we heard that it is heading towards second place in its second weekend at 2563 locations (+88), with the industry estimated on Friday at $ 1.6 million, -60% from last week, 3 days off $ 6.75M, -52% for a total of ten days of $ 23.1 million.

There was talk between the contenders heading to the end of the week Tom & Jerry He might steal No.1 away from him Ria As this movie does not contain Cinemark. That doesn’t appear to be the case, and the weekend’s second drop in HBO Max theatrical titles is much steeper than expected. Remember, Wonder Woman 1984 It’s down 67% on Weekend 2, and that was over the New Year weekend, and it’s usually a great time to watch movies.

Walk into chaos
Murray Close

Long-delayed $ 100 Million Lionsgate Gamble Walk into chaos Starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland, it braces to lose money just like any large-scale release released during the pandemic, with 50% of all 5,8,000 U.S. and Canadian theaters still closed.

Industry estimates show the film at a stretch $ 1.3M Friday and 3 days $ 3.7 million. The movie’s diagnoses, with B CinemaScore, terrible reviews at 24% Rotten, PostTrak at 67% and a 41% recommendation, indicate that the movie will never rally even in a healthy market, so the studio decided to go and not keep that feature anymore. The opening weekend of the pic coincides with what weekend box office sources have been expecting. Sci-Fi directed Doug Liman pulled 54% men, 65% over 25 with demo 25-34 representing 30% of ticket buyers. Diversity breakdown was 56% White, 20% Hispanic, 15% Black, and 11% Asian. The largest markets were New York, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and Denver.

Courtesy of Nicole Rivelli / Focus Features

In fourth place is Eddie Huang’s Focus Features movie the danceAnd the Who did $ 430K 1,252 locations yesterday on the way to 3 days $ 1.26 million. Landed pic C + CinemaScore. Rotten Tomatoes score is low here at 44% and PostTrak is OK, with 70% and 55% recommended. Men bought tickets at 53% with more than 60% between 18-34, and the 18-24 offer represented over 40%. The diversity mix was 44% black, 20% Hispanic, 18% Asian, and 18% Caucasian. the dance It was the best on the East Coast, with New York, Philly, Boston, Chicago and Miami among its major markets.

Universal / DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods: A New Era On the weekend, 15 records across 1,604 sites earned A. $ 200,000 Friday, -28%, and 3 days $ 890K-29% for a total of $ 53.7 million.

Weekend box office gross is estimated at $ 25.1 million last weekend, + 14% over last week. It’s likely that this is a combination of more extensive theatrical releases and New York City’s return to action. However, it would have been more if Ria It was a purely theatrical release.

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