Rangers and Celtic refuse to take the knee ahead of the Old Firm Derby

Rangers and Celtic refuse to take the knee ahead of the Old Firm Derby

Rangers and Celtic did not cut their knees before the Old Firm derby on Sunday following allegations of racism against the midfielder. Glenn Camara During Thursday’s European League defeat by Slavia Prague.

Uefa said on Friday it was investigating incidents of a Rangers clash with Slavia Prague after Camara complained of racist abuse by a visiting player.

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard confirmed his position in a previous interview.

He said, “We will not carry the knee.” “I have spoken to both of my commanders [on Saturday] And they made a collective decision that they will and will stand side by side together and we will support that and follow suit as a crew as well.

“I was not aware of the chat the players had among themselves however [James Tavernier and Connor Goldson] You came to see me [on Saturday] I fully understand the decision they made and fully support it 100% and we will do the same as the employees to show them support. “

Celtic interim manager John F. Kennedy added, “We spoke to the Rangers and agreed that we will not do that. He may have lost his influence, so we hope to send a much stronger message if we stand together.”

“Racism and any kind of hatred in society as well as in football is a shame. We want to provide whatever support we can provide.”

On Saturday, Dundee United and Motherwell also chose not to take the knee. Motherwell said it has become a “blank gesture” in combating racism.

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Camara was furious after Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela bowed to his ear and said something while covering his mouth, leading to a clash in the final stages of the Round of 16 match.

Slavia Prague denied the allegations and said in a statement that Codela was assaulted by Camara after the match. The defender said his comments to the Finnish midfielder, who is black, were not racist.

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