Rakewon and Ghostface Killah’s VERZUZ: Here’s what happened

Rakewon and Ghostface Killah's VERZUZ: Here's what happened

Ricon And the Ghostface Killah He went head-to-head to face the Wu-Tang family in VERZUZ Saturday night (March 20). See a comprehensive breakdown below.

During their time together, the two remember a trip they took together to Barbados. RZA paused to greet at some point, as Young Dirty Bastard, son of the late Wu-Tang assistant Ol ‘Dirty Bastard. RZA later returned to lead a toast near the end of the show. Cappadona appeared to perform a guest poem on Rikuan’s “Ice Cream”, and Masta Kela went up for “Glaciers”. Ghostface Killah joined a tour with Raekwon, performing the song “Criminology” from the latter’s solo debut in 1995. Built only 4 Cuban Linux …

After the “break,” Rikwon announced that he was drunk and that he was resuming proceedings without waiting for Ghostface Killah to return from a break. Inspectah Deck then joins him for Wu-Tang Clan’s “CREAM”, and Ghostface is back in the group in a white ankle-length coat. In the nineteenth round, Raekwon started with Jodeci’s song “Freek’n You (Mr. Dalvin’s Freek Mix),” which was finished by Ghostface in turn.

VERZUZ returned for its second season late last year, which included ‘Legends of the Gulf“ The confrontation between Too $ hort and E-40 in December and a twice rescheduled fight between them Ashanti and Kishia Cole. D’Angelo shook the format in February with the Individual appearance At the Apollo Theater, with Redman, Methodman, and HER to join him as guests. Earlier this month, founders Timbaland and Swizz Beats announced it VERZUZ sold To the short video app Triller, where former VERZUZ performers become stakeholders in the new setting.

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first round:

Ghostface Killah: “Special Rendition” (Diddy)

Raekwon: “Skew It on the Bar-B” (OutKast)

The second round:

Ghostface Killah: “Ghost Deini”

Raekwon: “10 bricks”

The third round:

Ghostface Killah: “The Fourth Room” (GZA)

Raekwon: “The House of Flying Daggers”

Fourth round:

Ghostface Killah: “Mighty Healthy”

Raekwon: “prison scarves”

Fifth round:

Ghostface Killah: “Black Jesus”

Raekwon: “Live from New York”

Round 6:

Ghostface Killah: “The Watch”

Raekwon: “It’s Yourz” (Wu Tang Clan)

Round 7:

Ghostface Killah: “Impossible” (Wu-Tang Clan)

Raekwon: “100 rounds”

The eighth round:

Ghostface Killah: “Seek The Ghost”

Raekwon: ‘Ice Cream’ [ft. Cappadonna]

Round 9:

Ghostface Killah: “New God Flow.1” (Kanye West)

Raekwon: “State of Grace”

Round 10:

Ghostface Killah: “Nutmeg”

Raekwon: “Criminology” [ft. Ghostface Killah]

Round 11:

Rakewon: “Karim” [ft. Inspectah Deck] (Wu Tang clan)

Ghostface Killah: “Hola”

Round 12:

Raekwon: “Rainy Dayz (Remix)”

Ghostface Killah: “Daytona 500”

Round 13:

Raekwon: “Glaciers” [ft. Masta Killa]

Ghostface Killah: “Run”

Round 14:

Raekwon: “John Blaze” (Fat Joe)

Ghostface Killah: “It’s over”

Round 15:

Raekwon: “Yae Yo”

Ghostface Killah: “One”

Round 16:

Raekwon: “Rich and Black”

Ghostface Killah: “Back like this”

Round 17:

Raekwon: “verbal intercourse”

Ghostface Killah: “You will never be the same”

Round 18:

Raekwon: “Constant cash rules / dreaded clocks (I still only move money)” (Wu-Tang Clan)

Ghostface Killah: “Summertime” (Beyoncé)

Round 19:

Raekwon and Ghostface Killah: “Freek’n You (Mr. Dalvin’s Freek Mix)” (Jodeci)

Round 20:

Raekwon: “The Game of Rock”

Ghostface Killah and Raekwon: “Can it be all so simple / intermission” (Wu-Tang Clan)

Round 20:

Ghostface Killah: “All I Have Is You”

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Raekwon: “Heaven and Hell”

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