Pre-order rewards have been revealed in Monster Hunter Rise

Pre-order rewards have been revealed in Monster Hunter Rise

Best Buy has revealed a brand new pre-order bonus to accompany Monster Hunter Rise On the Nintendo Switch. Fans who choose to disable the game from the retailer will receive a SteelBook case, as well as an additional pre-order pack packed with various in-game items. Currently there Three options for purchasing the game, Including the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Collector’s Edition. Although Collector’s Edition is not currently available for pre-order, all three options will come with SteelBook and the Bonus Pack as well! This additional bonus may entice some players to pick up the game from the retailer!

The pre-order bonus package includes the following in-game items:

  • Golden Retriever deathmatch costume (multi-layer shield)
  • Palico Jungle Cat Costume (Multilayer Shield)
  • Strengthening the beginners mantra stats

According to its name, the Palamute Golden Retriever costume will make the player’s in-game partner look just like the specific dog breed! In addition to Best Buy’s pre-order bonus, Capcom revealed that gamers Can Disrupt a number of free items in the game by running a game demo, Which is currently available on the Nintendo Switch online store. This demo will leave the digital storefront on February 1st, however, players who haven’t jumped into it yet will want to do so pretty quickly!

A photo from SteelBook can be found below.

(Image: Best Buy)
Monster Hunter Rise It marks the next major entry in the beloved Capcom franchise. The publisher is giving the game a very big boost before its release, with everything from amibo characters to be announced Monster Hunter themed Nintendo Switch console and professional game based console. Unfortunately, the console and professional console has not been announced in North America, as of this writing. For now, fans in the region will have to settle for the many connectivity items announced so far!

Monster Hunter Rise It’s set to be released worldwide on March 26th, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can check all our previous coverage of the game Here. Best Buy’s pre-order page can be found for all three versions of the game Here.

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