Pope Francis expels the conservative African cardinal from the Vatican site

Pope Francis expels the conservative African cardinal from the Vatican site

ROME – Pope Francis has accepted Cardinal Robert Sarah’s resignation as head of the Vatican Office of the Cults, resulting in the outright and potential future conservative pope being removed from the ranks of the Vatican leadership.

The Holy See’s press office announced on Saturday that Cardinal Sarah has resigned. A successor has not been named.

The Cardinal resigned as required by church law when he turned 75 years old on June 15 last year. But the Pope often allowed cardinals to serve two or three years beyond that age, despite not exceeding eighty.

By accepting Cardinal Sarah’s resignation, the Pope removed one of the subordinates His approach to the liturgyHomosexuality and relations with the Islamic world. The cardinal is considered a hero to many conservative Catholics, and some consider him to be the future Pope. He will still be able to vote at a secret meeting to elect the Pope until he is 80 years old.

Last year, the Cardinal sparked an argument with a book widely interpreted as an attempt to influence Pope Francis’ decision to allow Ordination of married persons as priests. The incident embarrassed the cardinal when retired Pope Benedict XVI requested that his name be removed from the book’s co-author.

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