Pokémon Happy Meal is destroyed at McDonald’s by greedy adults

Pokémon Happy Meal is destroyed at McDonald's by greedy adults

right Now, Select McDonald’s celebrates Pokemon 25th Anniversary With A Promotion That Turns The Iconic Happy Meal Box into The Face of Pikachu. Included with this cherubian container are 50 collectible cards, including some rare 3D cards. Some people buy large quantities of Happy Meals to have them.

Pokemon cards This is a hot commodity Some fans say they have a hard time purchasing supporting packages from large retailers. Almost every week there A new record breaking for the dollar People spend on old school packages – and New tricks to cope with this turmoil.

In other words, the McDonald’s promotion was never so lucky. People wake up early To bet What McDonald’s Sells New Happy Meal. Some seem to buy the happy meals in bulk, hoping to get all the gigs, and justly Throwing food. Some mcdonalds It is Set restrictions on the purchase of Happy Meals, Although the speculators are already turning around and Selling individual cards for a markup. Some customers flock to multiple restaurants, unable to find one happy meal. On sites like eBayFull boxes of cards or sealed packages go for hundreds of dollars. It is unclear if the boxes are being bought behind the scenes, or whether they are being passed on by employees.

You definitely don’t have to be a kid to appreciate a game, and nostalgia for Pokemon is totally the adult world. Plus, not everyone is an exploiter or a hoarder! Some people try to do some good even when they buy multiple packages.

Even some mass buyers are suffering A healthy dose of karma. But it is weird to see the enthusiasm around the cards so hot that actual kids probably won’t be able to get a partially made product for them either. McDonald’s didn’t immediately provide a comment to Polygon.

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