Pokemon fan surprises “Boyfriend Resume” broadcast tape

Pokemon fan surprises "Boyfriend Resume" broadcast tape

One Pokemon fan A surprised streamer with “Boyfriend resume.” The internet is a wild place, and Twitch is especially hot sometimes. Pokimane was nO Strange proposals on strange On the platform. This fan thought he had the answer using one of the time-tested meme formats listing the credentials in hopes of gaining acceptance from the popular character. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t turn out that way. Image Anys decided to use this bio as part of their Christmas data stream Twitch Channel. Being seen in front of 6.8 million people is extremely brave, but it also isn’t exactly a great strategy. Unfortunately, this kind of awkwardness lends itself to online content very easily. This 4-page message was read during broadcast and had a QR code along with some images as well. I did for him a solid and didn’t put it down, however She has given all her followers Read what he was bringing to the table.

She told her audience: “Toss, his precious accomplishments.” “Number one in computer science in my class for Princeton University alumni 2018. So amazing … and then he got his credentials in games. Favorite multiplayer games now, Warzone – 23 wins. Fall Guys – zero wins. I think it should be. A pass from me. “

Fall guys Being a deal breaker should sting. But, man, everything else is equal, you haven’t done so badly. Some other lady would be happy with all of these WarzoneH. W.

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Lately, people have been celebrating Anais’s decision to limit her donation at $ 5 with the help of some Streamlabs. Why would one of the platform’s most popular live broadcasters choose to go this route? Well, she wants her fans to support some other charities and channels instead of keeping all of that to herself. She told them all on Twitter:

Pokimane wrote, “Thank you for supporting me so much that I find anything more than that unnecessary.” “For anyone who has been more generous – please support developing channels, charities and treat yourselves.”

What would you put in an “interesting CV”? Let us know in the comments!

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