Pharrell Williams says the man who was killed by Virginia Beach Police was his cousin Pharrell Williams

American singer Pharrell Williams He said that a man recently killed by police in Virginia Beach was his cousin.

The incident, one of three shooting incidents that occurred last weekend, sparked criticism and protests from locals. Two people, Donovon Lynch, 25, and Deshaila Harris, 29, were killed, and eight others were injured in the shooting.

“The loss of these lives is a tragedy that cannot be measured. My cousin Donovon was killed during the shooting. It is crucial that my family and the families of other victims get the transparency they deserve.” Williams said in A. Share on social media.

The Virginia Beach Police Department said Lynch “was brandishing a pistol at the time of the shooting,” it said today’s show. The two officers who were present at the time did not turn on their cameras.

The Virginia Beach NAACP criticized the police department following the accidents, saying the police had “failed on all accounts” in A. Press release.

“We are not surprised by the disclosure that the body camera of the officer involved in the death of Mr. Lynch has not been activated,” the statement read. “The $ 5.5 million implementation investment on body-worn cameras is worthless when the officers don’t turn the camera on for recording. Mr. Lynch is not here to say his side! The officer in question has no reason to express any facts that put him in a negative light.”

Harris, who the police believe was a bystander when she was murdered at the weekend, appeared on the Oxygen reality TV show Bad Girls Club.

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