Panthers reportedly offered to pick the first round, Teddy Bridgewater, and more for Matthew Stafford

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers

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The Panthers did not hide their desire to be promoted to the center. It was known that they tried to trade for the Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford. The full terms have now been revealed.

Via Adam Shifter from, the Leopards offered Eighth public selection in Project 2021, Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, And choose the fifth round.

“Carolina is still looking,” says Shifter at the end of his tweet. Perhaps more precisely, “Carolina is hoping now” someone sees the shifter report and calls out leopards.

So note, Houston Texans: Watson for Bridgewater plus picks? Or maybe Las Vegas Raiders. Or maybe Minnesota Vikings.

The Minnesota corner remains incredibly intriguing. If the Panthers wanted Stafford, then why wouldn’t they Kirk is cousins? And the Vikings can break out of the delicate contractual corner with the cousins ​​while bringing home the very popular Bridgewater.

Bridgewater is signed through to 2022, with a salary of $ 17 million in 2021. Of that amount, $ 10 million is fully guaranteed.

Even without trading quarterback versus quarterback, Bridgewater is clearly available in commerce. If nothing else, it raises an interesting question as to whether the Saints would choose to return Bridgewater as the successor to Drew Press.

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