One day a snowstorm might allow for an alliance and mobilization together in World of Warcraft

One day a snowstorm might allow for an alliance and mobilization together in World of Warcraft
For nearly two decades (and long before that if you count its Warcraft ancestors), World of Warcraft has centered around a struggle between two factions: the Alliance and the Horde. The pair just weren’t able to get together to do content cooperatively in a MMORPG … but Blizzard says that might change one day. Today is World of Warcraft Q&A at BlizzCon 2021Scott Johnson, moderator of the committee, posed a number of questions regarding recent announcements for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ upcoming 9.1 patch to a panel of Blizzard developers including game director Ion Hazzikostas, touching on topics such as Modern cinematic films and traditions, the availability of the character and its transfer to The Burning Crusade Classic, the balance of the game.

The discussion has turned to the fact that some of the “worlds” or servers in World of Warcraft have very few inhabitants from either the Alliance or Horde. And since players can only perform raids, dungeons, missions, and most other content with the same faction, this can often change players to more populated servers or switch factions, effectively ensuring that either some servers become more skewed or are done. Give it up completely. Hazikostas cited features like cross-server gameplay and connected worlds as alleviating much of this problem, but acknowledged that it was still a problem due to the need for unions to consist of characters all on one server, among other things.

Johnson then asked the committee a question that he admitted apparently comes up on an annual basis, with a negative answer every time: Will a blizzard allow the Horde and Alliance to attack, or do the mythical dungeons together?

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Hazecostas bucked the trend with his response:

“I honestly will never say … there are a lot of reasons why it is necessary to retain the identity of the factions, but for the sake of the ranked arena, from day one, the alliance can fight the alliance and can fight the crowd. When the crusade is burned the Classic will be released later From this year, this will be something and it will be a competitive activity, and that was one of the areas where gameplay and the need for matchmaking were the top priority and should be so.In a perfect world, both of these priorities could coexist, but at the end of the day the MMO rolls around. Like World of Warcraft about being able to play with your friends, being able to play where you want to be, and arguably there is a greater extension in faction identity if you feel you can really choose which faction you are like, and which you feel a part of, and you don’t have to sacrifice that. Because you need to be with your group or want to join a higher-ranked guild.

“I have co-workers who are lifelong alliance players now playing Horde, who really want to be the Alliance, who do so for union reasons, and I know there are tens of thousands, maybe more, in the exact same boat around the world. We’d like to do something. for them “.

Whatever the shape of this change, it is clear that the potential consolidation Hazikostas proposes will not come anytime soon. While Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination includes a number of new features including a new raid, a mega dungeon, and a new outdoor area, it doesn’t look like Alliance and Horde will be playing together at the moment.

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But Blizzard appears to be open to more big leaps that you might not have thought of in the past, as developers told IGN in a pre-BlizzCon interview that they were open to the idea of ​​launching the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Edition – if enough players are interested.

Rebecca Valentine is a News Correspondent for IGN. You can find it on Twitter Embed a Tweet.

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