Nvidia confirms that it accidentally opened RTX 3060 Ethereum mining

Nvidia confirms that it accidentally opened RTX 3060 Ethereum mining

Nvidia has made a big deal about Reducing the hash rate of Ethereum mining On the new graphics card RTX 3060 last month. It was supposed to make the RTX 3060 undesirable to those in the cryptocurrency space, but Nvidia has now confirmed that it has accidentally opened these restrictions with a new driver.

“A developer driver has mistakenly included a code used for internal development that removes the hash rate selector on the RTX 3060 in some configurations,” a Nvidia spokesperson says in a statement. the edge. “The driver has been removed.”

While Nvidia has now removed the driver, the Genie is out of the bottle. Latest test driver 470.05 from Nvidia Automatically unlocks performance for most RTX 3060 cards, Which increases hash rates for Ethereum mining. Driver mirrors are easily found online, and Nvidia will be unable to prevent RTX 3060 owners from continuing to use this driver in the future.

Nvidia originally restricted the performance of the RTX 3060 mining in an effort to direct cryptocurrencies away from purchasing cards. The GPU maker seemed confident its limitations could not be overcome, even claiming that it wasn’t just a driver hampering performance. “He’s not just a driver,” Brian Del Rizzo said, Nvidia’s head of communications, last month. “There is a secure connection between the RTX 3060 silicon driver and the BIOS (firmware) that prevents the hash rate limiter from being removed.”

Nvidia was clearly not expecting to release a driver who would accidentally unlock its own restrictions.

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