New Year’s Eve parties with hundreds of attendees in New York City have been seized for violating Covid-19 rules

New Year's Eve parties with hundreds of attendees in New York City have been seized for violating Covid-19 rules

A celebration in Queens celebrated more than 300 patrons, who were “consuming alcohol, singing karaoke and dancing.” The congregation went unmasked, according to al-Sharif.

It was alleged that the party, which was held in a hall, was working like a speaker, with an emergency exit “requiring the employee to open it from the inside,” according to the sheriff’s office.

The alleged party organizer, Man Fan, told CNN that he was not aware of the rules prohibiting gathering in large groups before the event. He said the party was only for friends, and no one paid for alcohol or entry.

“It was not supposed to be that many people,” Fan said, adding that he believed the actual number of parties was much less than the nearly 300 people, according to the sheriff’s office. “Things got out of control. We didn’t mean it, but it just happened that way.”

Van was charged with violations of an unlicensed Bottle Club, violation of executive and emergency orders, and blocking exit, among other things. His wife, DJ and employee have also been charged with fines, while the lounge was fined $ 15,000 for failing to protect health and safety.

Private indoor gatherings Limited to 10 people statewide. Indoor dining in New York City remains closed, after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new restrictions for Covid-19 in December.

Representatives who stormed a party in Manhattan’s Soho found 145 people, plus many more Unmasked and dancing, as a gathering in Brooklyn of 80 people beat music through an open door, according to the sheriff.

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The office shared a photo of the SoHo party, which featured boxes of Moet’s champagne and Patron tequila, along with bottles of Bombay Sapphire and Ketel One vodka. Each organizer was charged $ 1,000 for breaking orders against mass gatherings, while the promoter was charged with violating orders, alcohol violations and a $ 15,000 fine for failing to protect health and safety, according to the mayor’s office.

Violations were issued to organizers in all three events for failing to protect health and safety, and for violating state and city orders against unnecessary gatherings, among other charges. It appears that none of those present have been charged

CNN was unable to reach the organizers of the Manhattan and Brooklyn parties immediately.

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