New Jersey Man Loses $ 80K in Life Savings After a Routine Bank Transfer, 7 Steps on Your Side

New Jersey Man Loses $ 80K in Life Savings After a Routine Bank Transfer, 7 Steps on Your Side
Morristown, NJ (WABC) – Imagine a scenario in which you lose your job due to the pandemic and then, within seconds, lose all of your life’s savings.

A 24-year-old who encounters this terrifying scenario has arrived at 7 On Your Side, who has reached the depth of this mystery.

“I felt like I had lost my life savings and that was very frustrating,” said Andrew Alexander.

First, he lost his job – then all his money, $ 80K in total.

Funds were set aside for his education and were frozen during what Alexander believed was a routine bank transfer.

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Alexander said, “There was a promotion with Citibank that if I opened an account with a certain amount of money, I would get $ 700. So I was just trying to get this extra bonus.”

He transferred $ 50,000 from his online Chime account just before Christmas, and was then “scammed”.

“Basically, the next day, both accounts were frozen, and Chime says my money wasn’t eligible for a refund,” Alexander said. “Why both accounts were frozen, I still don’t know.”

Chime wanted Alexander to provide unemployment verification, but Citibank did not request any documents and did not reveal why all of his funds were frozen.

Alexander said: “Every time I called them, they didn’t give me a reason.” “They said that the block outside their range goes to the branch. When I went to the branch, they said call me on the phone.”

With the rent and the bills due, Alexander was at a loss.

The 24-year-old’s job disappeared when the institution he was working at closed due to COVID.

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He had been working as a personal trainer and re-enrolled in college, so he was desperate to have his tuition money unlocked.

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Alexander said, “I needed to buy gifts. I couldn’t even buy food, my girlfriend took care of me.”

Until he decided to call 7 On Your Side to take a crack and chill on his money.

The 7 On Your Side team asked Chime and Citibank to investigate the matter.

We never found out the reason for the freeze because no bank is allowed to discuss customer accounts. But only 48 hours after we called, the big cold was thawed in the “Benjamins” of Alexander.

“I definitely felt relieved. I felt so happy and grateful that I really appreciate it,” Alexander said.

Citibank sent in a check for $ 50,000 and Chime opened for $ 30,000.

Alexander said, “Without you (7 on your side), I would not have been able to get my money.” “I appreciate the sharing of 7 On Your Side. Thank you very much and keep helping people.”

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