Netflix has acquired Redwall as it seeks to outrun Disney in the cartoon – Quartz

Netflix has acquired Redwall as it seeks to outrun Disney in the cartoon - Quartz

In a video call last month, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sat on his couch, crossed with his arms, and casually mentioned that, by the way, among the company’s many ambitions, he also wants to distance Disney from its place as the tallest global company. Pioneer in animation.

“We’re really excited about catching them up in family animation,” said Hastings. “Maybe he passes them at the end. We’ll see.”

Netflix today announced its biggest move yet towards the dream of beating Disney at the best it does. The company I got the rights For all 22 books from Red wallEnglish writer Brian Jack’s award-winning children’s fantasy series about the adventures of a group of anthropomorphic animals. Netflix will produce an animated movie based on the first book in the series, as well as developing a “series of events” (also animated) about Martin the Warrior, a heroic mouse.

Published from 1986 until the death of Jack in 2011, Red wall It has sold more than 30 million copies and has been translated into 20 languages, impressing multiple generations of children around the world. It is long Topped the wish lists To be adapted into a Hollywood movie or TV series on a big budget, and now Netflix is ​​going to have a crack in it.

The news comes as Netflix is ​​rapidly adopting the still-born animation unit to be cut from the Disney role in space. It is now planning to release Six animated films a year—- Over two major Disney animation studios (Pixar and Walt Disney Animation) each year.

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For a company primarily engaged in increasing global subscriptions, animation helps make families more loyal to customers. One way to increase the odds that families not only turn into families on Netflix but also stay that way is by offering content that appeals to all of that family – especially since High subscription prices. Netflix said its data shows kids are watching the same animated movies Repeatedly.

The genre is also an opportunity to undermine Disney’s worldwide boom. Disney has been producing animated films since the 1930s and has remained a juggernaut in space, routinely topping the box office with movies like FrozenAnd and Toy story. In 2019, two of the three The highest grossing movies In the world, Frozen II And the the king lion Remake, it was Disney animated films. While other competitors have emerged in the past few decades, no other studio has made a serious impact on Disney’s animation dominance. Disney bought the only studio it came close to – Pixar.

So, developing a powerful animation roster can help Netflix meet Disney’s streaming challenge. To an extent, it could be just a show of strength – a final hill to ravaging Netflix after it has proven its ability to succeed almost everywhere else.

In addition to producing more animated originals, Netflix is ​​boosting its list of licensed animated titles. Last year, it acquired the international rights to 21 movies From Studio Ghibli, Which is the famous Japanese animation studio in charge of kidnapped And the Prince Mononoke. (In the United States, the Studio Ghibli catalog is available on HBO Max.) Netflix is ​​developing a number of co-animation with other studios, including the comic horror film. Wendell Wilde, Co-wrote and starred in Jordan Bell.

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Netflix acknowledges that, if Disney does, the removal of the throne will not happen overnight. “It will take some time,” Hastings said The Hollywood Reporter. “I mean, they’re really good at it.” But the company’s intention that this will ever happen is another clear sign of its unlimited ambition.

Meanwhile, Disney yesterday closed Blue Sky Studios, the animation studio that was made ice Age And the Rio Film series, and one of the last remnants of its 2019 acquisition of Fox Entertainment Empire. Citing the financial crisis Caused by the epidemic, Disney no longer had the desire (or the means) to run a third animation division. According to Deadline, Disney will absorb Blue Sky’s remaining intellectual property (and help position some of its employees in the other company’s studios) – possibly to prevent Netflix from doing so.

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