NCAA Championship Results, Winners and Losers: USC and UCLA win to award Pac-12 three Elite Eight teams

NCAA Championship Results, Winners and Losers: USC and UCLA win to award Pac-12 three Elite Eight teams

It has been well documented so far just how wild the NCAA Championship was. All you have to do is take a look at the Midwest, which is ranked # 12 Oregon You advance to the Elite Eight, to find out that there is some havoc wrought by unexpected contenders in this tournament.

But with all the mess we’ve seen, three of the four. No. 1 still stands for Elite Eight. Gonzaga And the Michigan Not only did they advance on Sunday but had already taken hold of quality opponents to keep their own seasons in place. With fellow No. 1 seed Baylor Also at Elite Eight, this NCAA Championship proved just how dominating the trio is at the top of the sport this season.

It looks like the three are destined to secure the top seed in the NCAA Championship for the weeks before the scheduled Sunday, and they all use similar formulas. Each of them relies heavily on veterans, has more than just a 1-star player and is generally excellent 3-point shooting teams. Although the seed is number 1 Illinois He was upset in the second round, Ilene’s peers were still dancing, and Sunday’s results indicate the top dogs still had a lot of fighting left.

But the first seeds are not the only group of three. More on that in one second as we reach winners and losers from Sunday’s Sweet 16 event.

Winner: Conference of Champions

The Pac-12 ‘Conference of Champions’ moniker is used as a punch story, but the league’s success in this NCAA tournament is no laughing matter. Even as his No. 5 seed team, No. 5 seed Colorado, were knocked out in the second round, the Conference completely outperformed every other league in the tournament. No. 6 USC seed, No. 11 ranked University of California, Los Angeles, and No. 12 ranked Oregon, all dance the Elite Eight. No other league has more than one team remaining.

If Alabama were to defeat UCLA, the SEC and Pac-12 would each have Elite Eight teams. But Bruins did achieve another big conference victory.

winner: University of California, Los Angeles Running continues

UCLA’s NCAA tournament went from impressive to legendary land with a dramatic 88-78 in extra-time victory over the second seed. Alabama. The Bruins have now won four games in the NCAA Championship after losing last season’s top scorer, Chris Smith, To injury after only eight games this season. Even without Smith and five-star goalkeeper Daishin Nicks, who chose not to participate in his letter of intent to join the J-League, that squad kept moving forward. In just two years in action, Mick Cronin of UCLA has made a team to fear again, and with the top 50 potential teams, Peyton Watson and Will Maclendon on the way, it looks like UCLA is gearing up to keep going. But this run is not over yet.

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Loser: the tide receded

Alabama received attention throughout the season for its willingness to take – and the ability to make – a lot of three-pointers. But what we failed to discuss with this team was free-throw shooting. But basketball is a game of basics, and the free throw staple failed this team when it was more important on Sunday. Crimson Tide provided 11 of 25 free throws per game and only 2 of 8 during the last 7:26. After shooting 71.9% on entering Sunday’s match, the crash on the streak was surprising. This is the kind of thinking that will haunt you throughout the season.

Winner: Gonzaga balance shown

When your leading scorer takes only one shot in the entire first half and you get 10 points ahead of a good opponent, that’s one sign that you might have a balanced squad. This was the case for Gonzaga on Sunday, as he dominated the ocean and in the paint to achieve a victory 83-65 over Creighton. Corey Kaisbert He scored only two points in the first half while Drew Tim And the Andrew Nimbard Record 12 each. Ultimately, five Gonzaga junior players scored between nine and 22 points as the Bulldogs advanced to Elite Eight with a relatively painless performance that once again showed just how balanced this team is.

Loser: Creighton cools down

Creighton never advanced during his unbalanced loss to No. 1 seed Gonzaga on Sunday, but midway through the first half, the match was only three points in Zagges’s favor. It’s led by a hot start from the Bluejays star Marcus ZygofskyCreighton was – against all odds – hanging out.

But since she learned the hard way quickly, the Gonzaga … is different. Close in round 8-16 to end the game. Then then in the second half, it really flipped on the planes, with Gonzaga somewhat getting the game out of reach and within reach relatively early on.

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Creighton coach Greg McDermott said: “The start of the second half was a great deal for us.” “We really felt we had a chance to win the first four-minute timeout, and instead they managed to take the lead from 10 to 14. Then it’s an uphill battle against a team like this.”

Exacerbating the slow start of the second half was Creighton’s uncharacteristically corrupt shot. After doing 3 seconds in the first 10 minutes of the match, the team achieved just three seconds in the last 30 minutes of work, finishing 5 of 23 from distance.

“We had some decent looks,” McDermott said. “We spoke all week like,” You have to register to play with the Gonzaga. “And we didn’t score enough.”

Winner: Michigan dominates paint

Michigan entered Sunday’s showdown at Sweet 16 after scoring nine 3-pointers in their first-round victory South Texas And 10 in the second round wins LSU. But No. 1 seed Wolverine came in with a 76-58 win against her Florida On Sundays, in a different way: Michigan outperformed the Seminoles 50-28 in paint. In fact, Wolverines beginners for only 1 pointer 3 were integrated into the game and Wolverines fired 3 out of 11 out of the arc in total. Hunter Dickinson Center and Attackers Franz Wagner Brandon Jones Jr. combined with 41 points.

The game was a great example of why Michigan is so dangerous. Even without much work from outside, Wolverines still manages to dominate a good opponent with their deep set of goalscorers who feel comfortable attacking at different levels.

Loser: The Sudden Failed Florida

After an impressive victory in the second round of Colorado, Florida was a modern choice to disturb Michigan. But this Seminole team chose the wrong time to resist basketball. With Michigan dominating the interior, FSU needed to warm up from behind the arc to get a chance, but it only made 5 attempts out of 20 from the 3-point range. For the team that ranked 16 nationally in a 3-point shot percentage of 38.2%, the first half of 0 to 7 was too much to beat.

It was still a great season for the Seminoles, but this loss will leave fans still wondering what the 2019-20 team could have achieved in the NCAA Championship. This team was 26-5 when the season was canceled, and had a couple of recruiting picks in the first round at Patrick Williams and Devin Vasil.

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Loser: Indiana Aligned with plan b

It shouldn’t be too difficult for Indiana to rally its fan base behind new coach Mike Woodson, the former Knicks and Hawks coach and current Knicks aide. He was a legendary player on the show under Bob Knight and could theoretically do for Indiana what Joan Howard did with Michigan. Howard is a former Wolverines star with a long career in the NBA, and he led Michigan to the Elite Eight in only his second season as a coach.

But Woodson is clearly the backup plan for Indiana after the Hookers were said to be chasing Celtics coach Brad Stevens and Ohio State Coach Chris Holtman.

There is also a big difference in the status of the programs that Howard inherits in Michigan and what goes into Woodson in Indiana. Howard is succeeded by John Beilin, who left on his own to the NBA after three straight rounds to Sweet 16 or deeper. By contrast, Woodson will inherit a roster in disarray after Archie Miller’s dismissal this month sent several players to the transfer window. Could Woodson definitely succeed? But IU fans are frustrated if they try to compare his schedule for success to what Howard is doing at Michigan.

winner: Memphis NIT wins

What really is the value of a NIT title? It’s hard to say, because there appears to be very little correlation between winning the NIT title and then investing that into a massive NCAA tournament success the following year. But after Sunday’s 77-64 NIT win Mississippi StateThere’s no denying that Memphis has momentum. The Tigers have won 11 of their last 13 games, losing in that period with a total of five points to a Houston The team that plays in Elite Eight. If Memphis had won any of those heartbreaking matches against Houston, it would have likely made the field for the NCAA Championship. But raising the NIT Cup is a good consolation prize for a team that looks ready to turn the corner in Benny Hardaway’s fourth season.

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