Motorola tries to be “your phone could be a computer” again

Saqib Shah

A decade after Atrix 4G failed Laptop dockAnother stab at converting a phone to your computer is Motorola. By updating Android 11, Edge Plus Verizon users can now connect the phone to a larger screen for a desktop-style experience in the context of Samsung Dicks. In short, it means that you will be able to access all productivity apps, games and live broadcasts on your phone on a screen or TV.

Motorola hopes you can use it for everything from editing business documents and making video calls (which should look great thanks to the powerful set of cameras on Edge Plus) to gaming. It is an electronic game – or a cloud gaming service like Xbox Game Pass or Google Stadia (Via Bluetooth controller) – to watch Netflix.

The new Ready For platform uses a multi-window interface that is triggered when connected to a monitor via USB-C or HDMI. You can also add accessories like keyboard or mouse to further match the look of your desktop. There is no dedicated app and you can use your phone as a second screen while working on a bigger screen. To help with this, Motorola is launching a “ready-made” dock on April 19 on Amazon, with prices announced as the launch date approaches.

Of course, a lot has changed since the Atrix 4G lapdock – basically a dumb laptop that got smart by docking a Motorola phone on its back. The speeds of smartphones, cell phones, and home internet have developed by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, Samsung has arguably come close to creating a smartphone-powered desktop experience with its Dex wireless software platform. If Dex is ready for Stay around, This could lead to more phone makers trying to take over computers in an attempt to take advantage of the telework boom.

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