MLBPA rejects MLB’s proposal to delay 154 games for the 2021 season with extended playoffs

MLBPA rejects MLB's proposal to delay 154 games for the 2021 season with extended playoffs

Major League Baseball Players’ Union rejected a proposal by MLB to shorten the 2021 season to 154 matches. MLB recently proposed changes and offered to pay players the usual 162 matches in exchange for the post-season 2021 expansion.

The Syndicate issued the following statement on Monday evening:

“Late last week, MLBPA received for the first time this season a proposal from MLB to postpone spring training and opening day by about a month.

Under the proposal, the end of the season would be postponed by one week, the regular season would be shortened to 154 matches and all 30 teams would be required to play multiple double heads. Players will also be required to accept previously rejected proposals linking extended playoffs to expansion of the particular hitter.

Although player salaries will not be proportionally distributed initially over the regular season of 154 games, the MLB proposal does not provide any salary or service time protection in the event of further delays, interruptions, or cancellation of the season.

The MLBPA Board of Directors and Players Leadership has reviewed and discussed the owners’ proposal throughout the weekend and today. The clear result of these deliberations is that players will not accept the MLB proposal, will instead continue preparations for a on-time start to the 2021 season, and accept MLB’s commitment to directing his clubs again to prepare to start on time. .

We do not take this decision lightly. Players know firsthand the efforts required to complete the abbreviated 2020 season, and we appreciate that there are huge challenges ahead. We look forward to the prompt completion of improved health and safety protocols that will help players and clubs meet these challenges. “

MLB later responded with its own statement:

“On the advice of medical experts, we have proposed a delay of one month to start spring and regular season training to better protect the health and safety of players and support staff. The season delay with the level of COVID-19 will allow infection rates to reduce and additional time to distribute vaccinations, as well as reduce potential disruptions to the 2021 season currently facing All sports.

“The show included starting the regular season on April 29 and playing a schedule of 154 games paying players in full as if they were playing 162 games. We also suggested two changes from the 2020 season that were hugely popular with our fans – for this season only, it features an expanded postseason (seven teams per league) ) And global hitter base specified.

“This was a good deal that reflected the best interests of all participants in the sport once the season was recalibrated for one month for health and safety reasons without affecting any rights the players or clubs currently enjoy under the base agreement or the standard player’s contract for salary and time of service.

“In light of MLBPA’s rejection of our proposal, and their refusal to face our revised offer this afternoon, we go ahead and ask our clubs to report that spring training and tournament season start on time, provided that an agreement is reached on health and safety protocols. We learned that 2020 season is when the nation faces a crisis. , The national game is as important as ever, and there is nothing better than playing ball.We were able to complete the 2020 season with tremendous efforts and sacrifices made by our players, club staff and MLB crew to protect each other. We will do it again together, as we work to play the season Another safe and entertaining place in 2021. “

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, A number of players think it is too late in the off-season to review the schedule, which partly explains why Alitihad was rejected. The two sides could reconsider the idea of ​​extended qualifiers and global DH, but the federation remains opposed to the idea of ​​extended qualifiers, according to Rosenthal.

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David Samson has broken up the latest MLB / MLBPA negotiation over the final episode of Nothing Personal with David Samson. Listen below:

It should be noted The MLBPA was recently rejected A show that would give them a global DH in exchange for their post-season expansion. The new season proposal of 154 games is basically the same show, only with eight matches short and a late start.

Under the league plan, spring training was scheduled to begin on March 22nd. According to ESPN’s Buster OlneyThe opening day would have been postponed to April 28. The Wall Street JournalJared Diamond adds An expanded postseason would have included 14 teams, not 16 like the 2020 season.

The MLB proposal seems reasonable enough on the surface, although MLBPA will not get nearly anything like the extended posteason value for owners. Extended postseason equaled tens of millions in additional MLB revenue. The union is already entitled to a full wage for 2021, which means it won’t get much of a rejected offer.

As much as delaying the season makes sense for health and safety reasons, it is more about money. MLB wants to play as many matches as possible with fans in the stands, and delaying the season will help him do so now that his vaccination distribution has begun. MLBPA wants to pay full wages regardless of season length.

Spring Training Camps are scheduled to open in mid-February and the Cactus League and Grapefruit League will start on February 27. The opening match of the regular season is scheduled to begin on April 1. to me.

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