MLB Deals: Rangers take on Elvis Andrus vs. Kris Davis, per report

MLB Deals: Rangers take on Elvis Andrus vs. Kris Davis, per report

The Texas Rangers They agreed to send in a shortstop trade Elvis Andros to me Auckland Athletics, Which in turn moves the designated hitter Chris Davis To the rangers, Ken Rosenthal reports from The Athletic. Also, Rangers get the catcher Jonah Heim Right shooter Dane Acker, while A gets the catcher Aramis Garcia And monetary considerations.

The deal will become official once all physical parties are passed on.

The move ends a 12-year hit with Rangers for Andrus. The 2009 Junior Runner-up was an all-star twice and was part of the baseball Rangers’ golden age, winning four division titles, a wild card and two pennants. Prior to this year, Rangers had only appeared in qualifiers three times and never advanced.

In those 12 years, Andrus scored 0.274, 0.330 on base, 303 doubles, 305 steals, 893 points and scored 1,743 hits. He ranked third in Rangers history in both hitting and sprinting while sitting ninth in the WAR Player Position. Now 32, he made only .194 / .252 / .330 in 111 board appearances last season, but hit 0.275 with 12 bar owners and 31 steals in 2019.

A’s has an apparent fit for Andrus soon after the high-end free agent’s departure Marcus Simin.

On the side of Rangers, Isaiah Kenner Valiva Already anchored in the move towards 2021 as the daily stopping point with the expectation that third base was part of the work in progress (Andrus was expected to participate in the competition for the venue). It is possible Rougned scent Take over with Nick is left-handed per second.

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Davis, 33, has only two years left of leading the majors with 48 Homers, but his + seasons in the last three seasons have shown a sharp decline: 137 to 83 to 79. He was only 99 games last season, but Davis slipped. 200 / .303 / .329 with 26 strikes and only two It’s not too old to return to Davis’ peak, which was .247 / .326 / .549, 48 Homers and 123 RBI in 2018.

If he does, he makes up one of the strongest baseball duo together Joy Gallo.

Regardless, Davis will likely be in line for most Rangers DH AT-Bates to unlock the season.

At the end of A, they will mix and match with DH.

It also goes to Rangers Heim and Aker. Heim, 25, beat. 211 on 38 at-bats as A’s last season rookie. In 2019, he played 85 matches between Double-A and Triple-A, scoring 0.310 / .385 / .477 with nine other players and 53 RBI. For now, it might be your backup Jose Trevino Behind the plate. Aker, 21, was the winner of the fourth round of the University of Oklahoma last summer.

Sealing the deal, Garcia goes to A’s. Saw time with Giants In the 2018-2019 season, he scored 0.29 with six players in 37 matches. He apepars to be backup to Sean Murphy Behind the Oakland board.

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