Mila Kunis is cast in the Netflix Adaptation of Luckiest Girl Alive

Mila Kunis is cast in the Netflix Adaptation of Luckiest Girl Alive

Photo: Rich Polk / Getty Images for IMDb

Apart from 2020 Four good daysAnd the Mila Kunis He has taken a break from acting over the past few years, making Netflix more fortunate to track it down for their next Jessica Knoll’s film adaptation. The most fortunate girl is alive, to me diverse. Knoll’s novel, her first release, is from New York Times Bestseller upon release in 2015. Author will Adapt the scenario, As well as executive productions, with Mike Parker appointed to direct Kunis’s Orchard Fam Productions as well.

The most fortunate girl is alive It follows protagonist Annie Vanelli (Kunis), who on the outside appears to have it all: a glamorous magazine job, a perfect fiancé, a cool New York apartment, in this case Mila Kunis. However, as with most mystery novels, Ani has survived a series of unspoken tragedies in her past that, to work around them, have effectively transformed herself into a completely different person. Only when a true crime documentary investigates “a devastating accident from her teenage years” while a student at the prestigious Bradley School is forced to realize the truth with her “meticulously designed life”. It all doesn’t make her sound lucky at all, but again, the “live” part is probably the most important part of the genre by far.

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