Mike Peten is under fire after Bock relegated before the break

Mike Peten is under fire after Bock relegated before the break

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Kevin King He didn’t have the best match on Sunday. Packers Cornerback, playing after a suspected back injury, abandoned the 39-yard drop to Scotty Miller In the last half of the first half, he held a penalty kick to intervene in the defensive pass Tyler Johnson Late fourth quarter.

But King does not bear as much responsibility as defensive coordinator Mike Peten for playing before half-time, which frankly was overshadowed by the last two and a half minutes of the match.

The day after one of the most disappointing losses in the long history of the Packers, tire tracks were everywhere, including Petén’s lower back.

Matt LaFleur’s comments, immediately after the match, invite the question of whether Petén’s future has really been decided.

“She was covering a man. Certainly not the right call LaFleur said, via Jason Wilde from Wisconsin State Magazine. “When you look at it, there were 120 individual passes on either side of the ball plus all the special teams. There were a lot of plays in that game that could have been made, which could have changed the outcome of the match.

“But what hurts us the most is that play, and then go out to start the second half, [Aaron Jones] Suffered from confusion, they scored a goal to become 28-10. That was the big difference in the football game. You cannot do these things.

“Blame us as coaches for putting our men in this situation. This is unforgivable. It shouldn’t happen. So we have to take a look at it, do some self-reflection, and try to figure out ways how it doesn’t happen again.”

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Bucs was ready to hunt down the fourth and fourth places from Green Bay 45 before rethinking it after a while. They took the first down on a Tom Brady Throw to Leonard Fortnite To 39 and called the deadline eight seconds before.

He saw Brady Miller take a lead over King, who was in one-on-one coverage, leading to a relegation with one second remaining in the first half and 21–10 in the first half.

Hall of Fame coach Tony Dongy was among those critical of Packers’ coverage of the situation, writing, “This may be The worst defensive design I’ve seen before with 8 seconds and no timeout left. Green Bay – Not sure how to play inside the man-to-man technique [not] Only the play area, sideline protection and end zone? amazing.”

Peten’s mistake could cost him his job.

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