Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce are joining forces to build a COVID-19 vaccine application

Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce are joining forces to build a COVID-19 vaccine application

If you are one of the lucky ones 10.8 million Those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine (that’s roughly one in every 30 Americans) all you have to show is a piece of paper now, but that may change soon.

A coalition of tech companies and health organizations announced Thursday that they are working on developing an app that will enable people to share their immunization status. The New York Times Reports.

Companies including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and Mayo Clinic are creating a “vaccine passport app” that allows people to select their vaccination status for work, travel, and other activities.

There is actually a similar app available for air travelers to prove to airlines that they recently tested negative for COVID-19 on a plane. Common Pass is currently used by United Airline and JetBlue, among other airlines.

In a press release, the coalition said that the Vaccination Credentials Initiative (VCI) is being launched to provide “a reliable, traceable, verifiable and globally recognized digital record of vaccination status.” The digital record is “urgently needed throughout the world to enable people safely to return to work, school, events and travel,” the statement said.

The goal of the VCI is to give individuals access to a digital, encrypted copy of their vaccination records. The coalition also stated that those without smartphones can receive papers printed with QR codes containing the credentials.

Current paper records issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 indicate the vaccine manufacturer, batch number, and vaccination date, but there is no federal system that allows easy access to vaccination records online.

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“As the world begins to recover from the pandemic, electronic access to vaccination, testing and other medical records will be vital to the resumption of travel and more,” said Mike Cecilia, executive vice president of global business units at Oracle, in the statement. “This process should be as easy as online banking.”

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