Mets’ Steve Cohen fires General Manager Jared Porter after reportedly sending out candid photos to a reporter in 2016

Mets' Steve Cohen fires General Manager Jared Porter after reportedly sending out candid photos to a reporter in 2016

New York Mets Team owner Steve Cohen said General Manager Jared Porter was fired early Tuesday morning after reports surfaced that he sent unwanted and explicit photos to a reporter in 2016.

Cohen made the announcement on Twitter a day after reports revealed that Porter had begun inappropriately texting a journalist over the course of several weeks while he was working as a journalist. Chicago CapsDirector of Professional Scouts 2016.

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“We have finalized Jared Porter’s decision this morning,” Cohen said in his statement. “In my initial press conference I talked about the importance of integrity and I meant it. There should be no tolerance for this kind of behavior.”

The victim, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals in her homeland, said ESPN She first met Porter in an elevator at Yankee Stadium on June 26, 2016, after she moved to the United States to cover Major League Baseball.

She said the two had exchanged contact information on what she believed were commercial purposes, but Porter immediately began texting her the same day asking her to meet several times for a drink, according to the report. He proceeded to text her a selfie and asked if she was in a relationship. The woman said she was not aware of the nature of the conversation, most likely due to the language barrier.

Porter allegedly texted the woman the next day, again requesting an interview and commenting on her physical appearance. She said they made plans to meet up but never did.

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She says Porter contacted her again on July 19 and then sent her a number of photos, one of which showed a man lying on the bed with his pants bulging out. The report stated that she realized the sexual nature behind his texts and cut off all communication.

According to ESPN, Porter will send 62 unanswered text messages between July 19 and August 10 – including one photo of his penis.

The woman said she showed the messages at the end to a player and a translator from her home country who helped her craft a message: “This is very inappropriate, very offensive, and it gets off the line. Would you please stop sending the offensive pictures or messages.”

Porter sent several letters of apology, including one saying, “Please tell me if you need any wise action.” Text her saying sorry the next day. The next day he sent her a picture of Dodger’s court – his last attempt at communicating, according to ESPN.

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The Cubs told ESPN in a statement Monday night that they will investigate the incident but were not aware of the incident until today, although the woman said she spoke about it with a Cubs employee in 2016 and again in 2017.

“This story caught our attention tonight, and we are not aware of this incident,” the statement said. “If we had been notified, we would have acted quickly because the alleged behavior violates our Code of Conduct.”

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Porter was hired by the Mets in December. He previously worked for Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks.

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When contacted by ESPN, Porter admitted texting the woman, adding that the explicit images were “kind of like pictures of jokes.”

He later declined to comment after learning of ESPN’s plans to write a report.

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