Matthew Stafford Trade Fit: These five teams are the most likely to strike a mega deal with the Lions

Matthew Stafford Trade Fit: These five teams are the most likely to strike a mega deal with the Lions

For years, NFL fans have questioned the ceiling for midfielder with arm talent Matthew Stafford if he could escape the Detroit Lions franchise. We mean absolutely no insult to Lions fans, but with the constant change of front office, they haven’t exactly done their best job of providing a solid Stafford support team. The same can be said of instability from a coaching staff point of view. Those fans who had hoped to see Stafford with a better team around him will now get their wish. The Detroit Lions and Stafford spent a few weeks after the holiday season mulling over their options and it has been reported that they did. Agree to separate roads.

The next step in the process would be for Lions to open phone lines and begin fielding shows to the franchise players. Bids are expected to be heavy. According to Tom Bellisero of NFL NeworkStafford made a fresh start in recent weeks and Lions agreed to place them in the trading block. The two sides have had “open and healthy” discussions since the end of the regular season, and with a new coach in Dan Campbell and a new attack co-ordinator, this definitely appears to be the time to make a change.

Adam Shifter from ESPN Reports indicate that Lions are expected to receive a pick from at least the first round versus Stafford despite a lot of rumors in the market this season. So what teams are ditching their first manager for the veteran caller? It is expected that there will be a lot of interest from multiple teams.

Below, we’re going to divide five teams that should at least pick up the phone and call black about the middle. Stafford has many relationships around the league so he could play under a head coach or general manager who knows him in 2021.

Such as CBS Sports RG White Note that new Washington General Manager Martin Mayhew was Detroit General Manager when Stafford was drafted with Best Choice in 2009. It proved to be a great decision and the University of Georgia team set several franchise and NFL records during his tenure with Lions. Washington already has it Alex Smith, Who made a great comeback in the NFL this past season, but has struggled to stay healthy due to other unpleasant injuries. Washington had to start journeyman Taylor Heinek In a postseason match against Tampa Bay Pirates. Washington has a wide receiver in Terry McLaurin, A talented newbie in 2020 is working again Antonio Gibson The elite defense that stands out with a defensive line consists of all the choices in the first round. Even with Smith intact, Washington could be promoted to mid-back, a move that could make it a legitimate contender. Washington should call and find out if Lions will accept Public Choice # 19 in the 2021 NFL Project.

Philip Rivers He recently announced his retirement so, of course, ponies are also in the market for a new midfielder. Like Washington, this is a team that appears to be just a distant midfielder, but they are a lot closer to being a legitimate competitor. Rivers led the Colts to a record 11-5 last season – which was their best campaign since 2014. This is a franchise that has had his bad luck with the center-back since their split from Peyton Manning. Andrew Luck I decided to suspend the cleats early, Jacoby Brissette Not taking his chance as a rookie, then Rivers gave Indy just one season. Stafford is on a contract for another two years and seems to have a lot more. He also still has the talent of the elite arm and knows how to spread the ball around to the many talented talent, so he can get along with the likes of TY Hilton and Michael Bateman Son.

Her 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo On a contract for at least two more seasons, but that doesn’t mean San Francisco won’t move from him this season. Last month, 49-player coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about Garoppolo, and he is He doesn’t seem very confident about it The Quarterback Franchise.

“You can’t say anything with certainty,” the coach told reporters. According to Nick Wagner of ESPN. “You don’t sit here and make promises of anything. When you build a soccer team, your mission is to bring the best team together year after year.”

Shanahan opened up his conversation by saying that he believed Garoppolo “will be the midfielder for the next year”, but his responses to questions about the midfield division definitely seemed to be open to change. It’s hard to believe anything you hear from coaches – remember when Arizona Cardinals He said Josh Rosen was a quarterback before crafting the Kyler Murray? The 49 players were removed from the Super Bowl for only one year, but failed to qualify last season. With strong defense and then versatile weapons like Depo SamuelAnd the Brandon Ayuk And the George Keitel, This team will immediately return to competition if they upgrade to the quarterback position.

Matt Patricia, former Lions coach is Back to the Patriots So maybe he could put a good word on Stafford. The Cam Newton The experiment was unsuccessful and the Patriots are looking once again for a new quarterback to fill the void Tom Brady the left. It is true that New England has a lot of loopholes to fill this season on the offensive side of the ball, but the quarterback issue is clearly the most important one. An affordable Stafford contract, the Patriots has the # 15 overall check and Belichick has clearly had some success when it comes to working with a veteran signal caller and developing a system that works around him.

After going 4-1 as a beginner, Drew Locke He took a step back in his second season. He won only four out of 13 starts, and completed 57.3 percent of his passes at 2,933 yards, 16 drops and 15 interceptions. Despite having two capable backs and plenty of weapons to throw the ball, Locke’s contradictions hindered the attack in several matches last season, which might lead one to believe that someone else will start under the center in 2021. John Elway is not like that for much longer in Denver, but he is He’s still in the front office and could be a fan of seasoned, well-armed warriors that fit the prototype. The Broncos can also be considered a team far from successful, as they have youthful weapons Tim PatrickAnd the Jerry Judy, KJ Hamler then narrow end Noah fiction. It would also be helpful if he learned to lock behind a veteran warrior for a year or two.

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