Mark Jackson has clearly not followed the dubs closely this season

Mark Jackson has clearly not followed the dubs closely this season

The Mark Jackson Broadcaster Fan Club is not a big fan club.

Moments like the first quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors case on Monday night may explain why.

Dave Bash, play-by-play man, asked Jackson about one of the most memorable moments of the Dubs season yet: A rare pep talk from PG-13 from Carrie On the sidelines of the March 11th v. Los Angeles Clippers case.

Bash shared with Jackson, while they re-played Curry’s clip shouting to his teammates, “He got too blunt at the end of the Clippers match when they were losing and called his team out.” “They said they need to be more consistent, and they can’t expect that to happen every night.”

Then he asked Jackson, who trained Curry from 2011 to 2014, if this kind of leadership was something Carrie should develop.

Jackson said, “It’s something to grow into. Steve Curry was a great captain, but he was a different captain, let’s say, how she led as a basketball player.”

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“The Steve Curry that I had,” continued Curry, “Watch and listen to mature vets like Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry and Jermaine O’Neill. He learned from these guys, sat and listened. Steve Curry, this guy who leads this basketball team, says” it’s enough. I am surrounded by young people who do not have the same experience as me, let me use my voice.

Except for the fact that he didn’t come out with a win.

Warriors were blown up 130-104, the second largest Loss This season.

Bash brought it up again after a commercial break, saying the Warriors’ 131-119 victory against Jazz on Sunday was partly due to Curry’s fiery moment on the bench during the “disappointing effort against the Clippers”.

At this point, Jackson has moved on to discuss how much help Steve can be aloud … Draymond Green because he won’t have to … talk too much.


But Jackson, of course, didn’t stop there. Midway through the second quarter, he made a very complicated argument that involved Reggie Miller being a champ even though he, well, didn’t win any championships.

Then he made the same claim about Carrie, but with another psyche: “When I had (Carrie), he was a hero.”

Except, as we all know, Curry won the title of the year After, after He left Jackson, then won two more times, in 2017 and 2018.

Once again, the Mark Jackson fan club has grown maybe even smaller:

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