Mario Draghi secures support from the main parties for the formation of a new Italian government | Italy

On Saturday Mario Draghi got initial support from two main parties for Form a new government It will decide how to spend more than 200 billion euros (175 billion pounds) in European Union funds to help relaunch the Italian economy that has been shattered by the epidemic.

The populist 5 Star Movement and the right-wing League have indicated their support for a government led by Draghi, saying they are ready to put aside bitter rivalries for the sake of the country and increase the prospects for a broad-based national unity government.

My drageeThe 73-year-old ex-president of the European Central Bank completed the first round of talks with political parties this week. Another round is expected early next week on potential ministers and a combination of Draghi’s vision for the new government. He is also expected to meet with unions, trade lobbyists and other members of civil society.

Italy’s president this week asked Draghi to form a government after the resignation of former prime minister Giuseppe Conte, who had lost his support from a small but major coalition party. Before Saturday, Draghi had rallied the support of the Democratic Party, Forza Italia, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Italy Live for former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and the small Freedom and Equality Party.

After their meetings with Draghi, the leader of the Five Star Movement, Vito Karimi and the leader of the League, Matteo SalviniHe talked about working for Italy, the first Western country to be hit hard by the Coronavirus. As the economic fallout from the pandemic continues to be counted, both acknowledge that they will have to put aside political rivalries and betrayals in order to do so.

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“We will not forget the actions committed by some political forces in our memories and our political committees,” Karimi said, in what appeared to be an indication of Renzi’s withdrawal. Italy Alive supported the ruling Conte alliance and led to his collapse.

Likewise, Salvini, the former interior minister in Conte’s first government, has indicated that he will sit alongside politicians who voted to raise his parliamentary immunity so that he can be tried in Sicily for not allowing migrant rescue ships to land in Italy when he was a minister. .

“We are ready to conquer everything in favor of the country,” Karimi said of the Five Star Movement, which received the most votes in the last parliamentary elections in 2018, and a key element in my Conte government, first with the right. The League and the second with the Left Democratic Party.

Salvini’s move to support Draghi puts him at odds with the far-right Brotherhood of Italy and its leader, Giorgia Meloni. On Friday, she said she would remain in opposition. Salvini pointed to the weight of the EU recovery funds needed to restart the Italian economy after the national lockdown and subsequent restrictions on public health.

“I prefer to be in the room where it is decided whether the money is being used well or not, rather than being outside,” he said.

Karimi said that Italy will be judged by its European partners on how it will spend the big money, and that the 5-star want to ensure that the funds are distributed “in an honest and transparent manner and in the exclusive interest of the well-being of citizens.”

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“The world is watching us and it will judge whether the country has changed,” Karimi said.

Italian Senator Emma Bonino, who was a former European Union commissioner, said she hopes the gathering of parties from this broad political spectrum does not turn into an internal struggle.

She told SKY TG24, “What we don’t want is for this to translate into yes on this, no on that, I can’t sit with him.” “The priorities must be to complete the vaccination program, because without it it is not possible to restart the economy, reform or rewrite the EU funds plan.”

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