Lombardy Cup “ Offended and Disrespectful ” by Tom Brady, designer daughter wants an apology

Lombardy Cup `` Offended and Disrespectful '' by Tom Brady, designer daughter wants an apology

The Tom Brady The Lombardy Cup is shot through Tampa Bay PiratesSuper Bowl LV Parade It immediately spread widely and admired many fans Throwing a futuristic Hall of Fame quarterback across the water.

However, a woman felt disrespected by Brady’s behavior.

Lauren Gross, daughter of Greg Grohs, a silversmith at Tiffany & Company from 1967 to 1994, was insulted by Brady’s decision to throw the Lombardy Cup. And now, she is seeking an apology from the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

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“Personally, I would like to apologize, not just for me and my family and other silversmiths but to the fans and all football fans and other team players,” Fox4 said.

“It just bothered me that this trophy was exposed to disgrace and disrespect by throwing it as if it were real football,” Grohs added. “I have a great history of making this cup by my dad and it is a huge honor and I know all the craftsmen who made it when my dad was also there at Tiffany and it takes a lot of hard work.”

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Grohs said she went through sleepless nights because she was upset about what had happened.

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“I saw this cup being made at the Tiffany factory, and it is a beautiful prize,” said Gross. “My father had to engrave the seams, he had to engrave the seams by hand. There is a newspaper article showing him working on that cup. The ball is handmade and the base is as well.”

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Tom Brady Bucks on a $ 2 Million Boat, Lombardy Cup by Rob Gronkowski in the Super Bowl Parade

Grohs added that she is not a big fan of the sport, but that she enjoys waiting until the end of the game to watch the Super Bowl champion Lombardy Cup being introduced.

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“I watch the game just to watch the cup come out,” Grohs said. “I would love to see all the football owners and players hold it with pride and pride and show everyone with goosebumps … like now, I feel goose bumps.”

Brady and Bucks knocked out with a 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LV.

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