Lady Gaga’s father wants to shoot, prosecute suspected dog robbery for ‘assault and attempted murder’

Lady Gaga's father wants to shoot, prosecute suspected dog robbery for 'assault and attempted murder'

Lady GagaFather told Fox News he’s breathing a sigh of relief yet The singer’s dogs were returned unharmed Friday – but he’s still demanding justice for her kicking off with her dog.

On Friday night, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the safe return of Gaga’s boy, Coogi and Gustav, who they were The suspects who approached the pedestrian robbed her of her dogThey shot him once, and they stole the fangs.

“I want to arrest them so they can be tried for assault and / or attempted murder,” Joe Germanotta told us on Saturday morning.

The roaming dog – which Gaga mentioned in a tweet as Ryan Fischer, but the LAPD has not yet publicly identified – was taken to a local hospital after the accident. It has been since then Included in steady state After the shooting, his injuries were described as not being life threatening.

Lady Gaga’s stolen dogs were safely returned

Joe Germanotta says he’s relieved that Gaga’s dog walkers will be fine but he wants to see the LAPDs arrest suspects.
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“I feel relieved that Ryan will be fine, and Coogi and Josef have been found. Thanks to the Los Angeles Police,” Germanotta added.

Gaga’s father said he is confident LAPD will locate the two suspects described by police on Thursday as two black males between the ages of 20 and 25.

Germanotta added: “Leaving Coogee and Gustav unharmed was a nice thing but they should be punished for what they did to Ryan.” “Special thanks to the doctors and nurses in the emergency room.”

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Lady Gaga said she was “communicating” with Walker’s dog as she remained in Italy after the shooting, her father said.

Hours before the dogs were to return, Germanotta told Fox News that his superhero daughter was Communicating with her dog Walker Amid his hospitalization. Germanotta said his safety was the family’s first priority, then pleaded with Kogi and Gustav to be returned safely.

“Please don’t harm those animals. They don’t hurt anyone, just let them go. There’s no reason to keep them. They have no value. Seeing them now would be crazy to buy them. Let them go. Return them to us so we can bring them back to the family,” Germanotta continued.

The same singer also spoke on social media on Friday, one day after she offered a $ 500,000 reward for returning her precious dogs.

“My beloved dogs Coogi and Gustav were taken in Hollywood two nights ago.” I wrote along with four pictures of the dogs. “My heart is sick and I ask my family to recover again with a good job.”

Lady Gaga speaks after Walker is shot, the search for stolen dogs continues: “My heart is sick”

“If you buy them or find them without knowing, the reward is the same,”A star is born“I still love you, Ryan Fisher,” the actress said in a follow-up tweet before cheering on the dog walkers, “I risked your life to fight for our family. “

Los Angeles police officials said Coogee and Gustav were returned to homicide and robbery investigators at the department’s Olympic Station at around 6 p.m. Friday.

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“The woman found the dogs and contacted Lady Gaga employees to return them. The woman’s identity and the location where the dogs were found will remain classified due to the active criminal investigation and their safety,” police said in a statement.

Investigators of LAPD murders and robberies assured the public that they “will continue the investigation to ensure that the persons responsible are ultimately arrested and brought to justice.”

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A third dog, also belonging to the singer, has reportedly fled the scene in safety.

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