Kendrick Born’s “misconceptions” of patriots proved wrong on the visit

Kendrick Born's "misconceptions" of patriots proved wrong on the visit

Broad recipient Kendrick Born had some initial concerns after learning that the New England Patriots were interested in signing him as a free agent.

“(And my agent) was saying to me, ‘They really like you. They have some good things to say about you. I said: What? New England? On Monday, Born said in a conference call.

“I had a completely wrong perception of the whole place, thinking it was too dangerous.”

After an initial visit with his new team last week, Bourne was no longer anxious after signture A three-year contract with the Patriots.

“I thought when I came into the building for the first time, I thought it would be kind of stuck seeing how it would feel, everybody looking at me, coaches meeting up, but it was a totally wrong concept,” Bourne said. “They were comfortable there. They relaxed while having fun. They know how they want it to look. They know they want their organization to be serious and excellent. But behind closed doors it is comfortable. It’s fun. There is laughter there. I was stumbling. I thought I’d be me.” Just.

“But the first thing that came into the building, (Coach) Bill (Bilesic) was so cool. (The owner) Robert Kraft was so nice. I just had a completely different view of the Patriots in my head. It was a happy medium. You can be a clown,” Be nice, but we’re working hard here. That beats the silly hard work. I kind of got the happy medium. Turn it off a little, I can relax. I know when to turn it on. Okay, time to get serious, time to work. We have to win this. Game or should we take out this exercise or weight room workout or whatever it might be. I know how to flip that switch. Football is supposed to be fun, and that’s the main thing. If you walk away from it completely, what are we playing for? Why? Do this? This is my thing. I was happy when I entered the building and saw people relaxing and laughing. Bill, he’s just a great guy. Wrong concept by me. I’m excited to be here. “

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Belichick moved a story about Former Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss who seems to have resonated with Bourne.

“They have specific evidence.” They told me the practices are difficult, Bourne said. “They’re going to test every day with the game manual, things like that. They will give you different looks and different types of things that you need to see.

“Bell told us a story about Randy Moss about how he got in and all he did was focus on the game book. It’s that easy. He had his best. That’s what I’ll focus on. If I can get out there comfortably and I know exactly what I need to do, I know I will be successful. I believe in my game a lot. I think it will be a great year. The men who have been laid around, the men who brought them, will be well-bonded. ”

Bourne Coming out of his best season As a pro when he got 49 passes at 667 yards with two touchdowns in 2020 with the San Francisco 49ers. He could have seen his production increase with the Patriots with a slight increase in playtime, but expect a campaign similar to the 2007 New England season to be reckless.

However, Moss’s approach would be a smart move by Bourne.

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