Kat Von D sued Miles Davis’ tattoo

Kat Von D sued Miles Davis' tattoo

In 2017, celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D shared a picture on her social media accounts: a photo of Miles Davis who had slashed the arm of a customer at her West Hollywood High Voltage Tattoo store. Now she is being sued for it. Such as painting According to reports, photographer Geoffrey Sedlick filed a 31-page complaint in federal court in California on Sunday, claiming that the tattoo constituted a copyright infringement of his photo. Sedlik claims to be the sole and exclusive owner of the copyright for the photo, which he photographed in 1989. It originally appeared in an August 1989 cover story in Jizz magazine.

In the lawsuit, Sedlik claims that Von D, real name Katherine Von Drachenberg, did not apply for one of the non-exclusive copyright licenses he sometimes sells to copy the image. He also claims that by posting an image of the tattoo on her social media sites and tagging the High Voltage Tattoo, Von D was using his copyrighted image to promote her work. He adds in a statement to painting:

Prosecutor Geoffrey Sedlik approached Kat Von D “artist to artist” (through her representatives) to seek an amicable solution to the matter before the lawsuit was filed, but Ms. Von Drachenberg chose to ignore Mr. Sedlik’s efforts in good faith to avoid litigation. As the valid copyright holder of Iconic Miles Davis Portrait, Mr. Sedlik has the sole and exclusive right to reproduce, publish, and create derivative works.

As an artist, Ms. Von Drachenberg is well aware that creative people like Mr. Sedlik depend on the income received to use their artwork to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, Ms. Von Drachenberg chose not to contact Mr. Sedlik prior to making the numerous unauthorized copies and derivative works of Miles Davis Portrait as indicated in the complaint.

Not only did Ms. Von Drachenberg use the image of Mr Sedlik without permission or license, she took credit for creating Mr Sedlik as her property, and distributed pictures of her illegal derivative work to millions of followers on social media, submitting those photos to publishers for inclusion from promotional editorial articles about Ms. Von Drachenberg and her various business ventures.

Failing to respect the creative work of a fellow artist, Ms. Von Drachenberg has chosen to monetize the iconic Mr. Sedlik image for personal financial gain, taking advantage of the value of Mr. Sedlik’s image to build her brand and promote the sale of her products and services.

Kat Von D did not respond to paintingRequest a response.

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