Justin Thomas is shot down by Ralph Lauren after he mumbled an anti-gay affair during the tournament

Justin Thomas is shot down by Ralph Lauren after he mumbled an anti-gay affair during the tournament

Justin Thomas’ wallet hot moment stunned him.

Ralph Lauren said Friday it has dropped one of the best companies Golfers After he was heard mumbling in anti-gay slurs last weekend during a tournament in Hawaii. Ralph Lauren has been a patron of Thomas since he became a professional. He was the number 1 golfer in the world and won a major at the age of 24.

“We believe in the dignity of all people, regardless of age, race, gender identity, race, political affiliation or sexual orientation,” the company said in a statement. “Thinking about the responsibility we bear to all of our stakeholders, we have decided to discontinue our sponsorship of Mr. Thomas at this time.

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“While we admit that he has apologized and is aware of the harshness of his words, he is a driven ambassador for our brand and his actions conflict with the inclusive culture that we strive to support.”

Thomas He heard a mutter Slandered an f-word on the fourth hole after she missed an equal opportunity and settled into a ghost during the third round of the Sentry Open.

“This is unforgivable. First, I apologize,” he told reporters after the tour. “I mean, there’s no excuse. I’m an adult. I’m an adult man, and there’s absolutely no reason to say anything like that.”

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Thomas added, “It’s horrible. I mean, I’m so embarrassed, it’s not who I am, it’s not the type of person I am or anything I do, but it’s, unfortunately, I’ve done it and I have to own up to then and I’m very sorry.”

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Thomas, one of the world’s best golfers on the PGA Tour, said he didn’t realize he’d said it until after the tour.

“I’m speechless … I found out when I’m done with the golf course or when I’m done with my tour. I mean it’s bad. There’s no other way to put it down,” he said.

“I need to do better, I need to be better, it is definitely a learning experience, but, yeah, just me, I deeply apologize to everyone and anyone I offended and I’ll be better because of that.”

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Ralph Lauren said he hopes Thomas will “do the hard and necessary work in order to partner with us again – really studying this incident, learning and growing, and ultimately using his platform to promote inclusion.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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