Judging Results: Davis, Choi, Santander

Judging Results: Davis, Choi, Santander

The (virtual) round of arbitration sessions kicked off this year earlier this week. While perhaps surprisingly a number of players agreed to one-year deals to avoid judging last month rather than risking a hearing, we still had a handful of cases that a three-person panel of referees heard over the next two weeks. Some of the results of the first wave of hearings …

  • Mets Third base player / player Jd Davis He lost his judging session and would earn $ 2.1 million in 2021 instead of the $ 2.475 million he provided, according to a John Heyman report from MLB Network (Twitter link). The 27-year-old is proving to be a good find for the former front office system now, hitting .288 / .370 / .483 with 28 homers and 31 doubles with 682 boards appearing since his debut with Mets. Davis sees playing on third base and possibly left field again in 2021, and he will be eligible for refereeing three more times given his status as a Super Two player.
  • rays First man base Ji Man Choi He won a judging session against the club and will pay $ 2.45 million in 2021, according to a report by’s Marc Finsand (Via Twitter). The team had a salary of $ 1.85 million. Choi, 29, has spent the past three seasons with the Rays, grossing .257 / .359 / .461 with 30 home cabins, 45 doubles and three times in 821 trips to the board. He cut .230 / .331 / .410 in 42 games last year and is manageable through 2023. Choi was one of Rays’ pending refereeing cases – the other being left-handed Ryan Yarbrough, Who has not yet been tried.
  • The Orioles He won a judging session on an outside player Anthony SantanderAnd the Tweets Vinsand. Santander, like Davis, made $ 2.475 million with his club facing $ 2.1 million. He will earn less than these two amounts. The 26-year-old is a previous pick for Rule 5 and had a solid run in 2019 before coming out with a formidable performance in 2020. Last season, Santander won 261 / .315 / .575 with 11 players and 13 doubles in only 165 panel appearances. All in all, he had O’s a .261 / .302 / .505 diagonal with 31 homers and 33 doubles in his previous 570 billboards. There are some clear OBP question marks, but the strength has prompted teams to look to the Santander as a potential trading option. It is also a Super Two player and will be controlled until 2024.
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