Johnson & Johnson, Novavax vaccine data as a “wake-up call” on the coronavirus variant

Johnson & Johnson, Novavax vaccine data as a "wake-up call" on the coronavirus variant
  • The Johnson & Johnson and Novavax vaccines were again less effective as one of the new viruses.
  • “It’s really a wake-up call for us,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci.
  • Fauci added that people still needed to be vaccinated as quickly as possible.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday that the United States needs to intensify efforts to stop the spread of the Corona virus, after two vaccines have been shown to be less effective against a new type of virus.

“It’s really a wake-up call for us to be smart and be able to adapt because this virus will definitely continue to evolve and transform,” said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

He spoke at a conference call held by the National Institutes of Health to discuss data on the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. J&J said its vaccine was It is 66% effective in preventing moderate to severe cases of COVID-19 Generally, it is less effective in South Africa, where the type of virus is most common. Novavax said on Thursday that its vaccine against the Corona virus had been so Less effective against the Coronavirus variant.

The The first American cases of this variant have been identified Thursday.

Fauci said Americans need to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

“The best way to prevent further development of the virus is to stop it from replicating, and you can do that by vaccinating people as quickly as possible,” he said during a briefing with other NIH officials and executives from J&J. .

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Experts had previously expressed hope that the COVID vaccines currently on the market, as well as the ones that were in development, would remain robust against the variants as long as there were no major changes to the spike protein – a key component of the virus. But the South African alternative has changes in that part of the virus.

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Even the two vaccines currently available in the United States are made by Moderna and Pfizer. You may be affected by the new variant. The two companies said their vaccines must continue to produce enough protective antibodies to stop the virus, although lab results showed that protection could diminish. As a precaution, Moderna and Pfizer are now working on booster shots that can target variants directly.

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