John Stamos releases a coronavirus story about his son’s crying due to his third work-related quarantine

John Stamos releases a coronavirus story about his son's crying due to his third work-related quarantine

John Stamos He urged his fans to heed the coronavirus guidelines with a personal story he shared on Twitter.

Aged 57 the actor He started with his Twitter thread on Friday afternoon, making it clear that he had to distance himself from his family due to the pandemic.

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“My son went to bed last night crying and woke up crying because he couldn’t be with his father,” Stamos wrote. “I’m grateful to have a job, it’s a privilege at this time.” “I was exposed to the virus for the third time, and I must be isolated again for another 10 days!”

“I feel my job is to do everything they can to keep us safe,” he said She continued. “But folks, please follow the rules – your actions affect many more lives than just yours. Thanks.”

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It is not immediately clear Produce Stamos is working on. The actor has not posted about his recent projects on social media outside of a partnership with an oatmeal-bread brand.

His son Billy is 2 years old. Stamos shares the baby with his wife Caitlin McHugh, 34.

Source: LORI LOUGHLIN “She’ll love to come back to TV” and “tell her the side of the story” after the admission scandal.

Although some Stamos’ followers on Twitter responded to his post, saying they had no sympathy because they feel it shouldn’t work during the pandemic, the actor is following the guidelines he recommended. US Centers for Disease Control.

John Stamos claims to have been exposed to COVID-19 three times so far due to his streak as an actor. (Jordan Strauss / Invision / Associated Press)

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The Health Agency advises people exposed to the new coronavirus to self-isolate for 14 days. However, in general, most of them can finish quarantine after 10 days without testing if they do not show symptoms associated with the respiratory virus.

Stamos and his family reportedly live in Beverly Hills Architectural digest.

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California has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia with a whopping 3.3 million cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard Says.

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