Joel Embiid was not happy after LeBron James paid off

Joel Embiid was not happy after LeBron James paid off

Achieve the Philadelphia 76ers shoe It would very likely be the biggest win of a very good season On Wednesday, but the team had to hold their breath after one game in particular.

Sixers MVP candidate Joel Embiid fell hard in the third quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers. The big guy jumped into the paint and was climbing into submersion when LeBron James pushed him into the midsection, causing him to land with much of his weight on his tailbone.

Embiid stayed on the ground for a few moments and could be seen walking gingerly, but he managed to stay in the game. Regarding his payment, a blatant James 1 mistake was evaluated, which can later be seen arguing with officials.

Embiid has dealt with back issues this season, most of which he missed Monday’s match due to a tight back.

The Sixers stuck in the end and 107-106 won thanks to winner Tobias Harris. Empiid scored 28 points with an 8 of 18 shot with six rebounds and four assists in 37 minutes.

After the match, Empiide wasn’t very enjoying James’s push, saying that he would have been kicked out of the game if he had played the same play:

In case you need an activation, here it is NBA Definitions of Glaring Errors, The last one that carries an automatic parcel:

Blatant Foul Penalty 1: Unnecessary friction committed by a player against an opponent

Blatant Foul Penalty 2: Unnecessary and Excessive Friction Committed by a Player against an Opponent

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Officials appear to have deemed James’s payment unnecessary, but he is not overly guarding the paint. Embiid seems to think differently.

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