Japanese billionaire searches for volunteers for SpaceX trip around the moon

Japanese billionaire searches for volunteers for SpaceX trip around the moon

a stranger Japanese Billionair Yusaku Maezawa is looking for eight civilian volunteers to go to the moon With him in his first ever private commercial space Trip.

The week-long flight, initially announced in 2018 and dubbed “dearMoon”, is set to take place in 2023 on board. Elon Musk SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Rocket, formerly known as SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket.

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Although the next-generation Starship is still being tested, some courses end in Pyrotechnic accidentsMusk confirmed it would be ready to go for two years, and said he believes the mission will do so Make a real difference.

It will take Three days To reach the moon. The spacecraft will orbit behind it and then begin its three-day journey back home, making it the furthest distance anyone has ever traveled from Earth.

In a video released on Tuesday, the Founder of Zozo He explained that the full list of passengers would include 10 to 12 crew members. The 45-year-old will finance the campaign, although how remains unclear.

Although Maezawa originally specified that the applicants ArtistsThat plan has evolved since then.

“Everyone who does a creative work can be called an artist … that’s why I wanted to reach a wider and more diverse audience,” he said.

Now, the CEO of Start Today has only two requirements: to be able to push the envelope to help the “larger community” in some way and to be willing to support other crew members who “share similar aspirations”.

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Each selected participant will wear a specially designed SpaceX suit to provide a compressed environment for all members and the route Communications And cooling systems for astronauts during their regular flight.

In particular, in January of last year, Maezawa was also launched A strange campaign to find a “partner” accompanies him, as it received 27,722 applications from single women over 20 years of age.

Al-Mukhtar will co-star in a reality show about the operation on Japanese broadcast service AbemaTV.

However, the following CashSearch quickly canceled and He issued an apology.

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Now, the pre-applications for the selection process are Due by March 14th It’s 6:59 PM PDT and the initial checkup starts in a week. Final interviews and medical checks are scheduled for late May.

Inspiration 4, Another civic mission in support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and aims to launch into SpaceX’s Dragon – which has already been approved for human flight – once the year ends.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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