Iranian refugee criticizes John Kerry’s “anti-American” background meetings with Iran during the Trump administration

Iranian refugee criticizes John Kerry's "anti-American" background meetings with Iran during the Trump administration

Iranian refugee and former Trump official Eli Cohanim John Kerry criticized Wednesday, describing the former secretary of state Hidden meetings With Iran Through Trump Presidency of “anti-Americanism” and an attempt to undermine the administration’s positions on foreign policy.

While appearing on “Fox and Friends” The former State Department special envoy described the Biden administration’s talks with Iran to re-enter the nuclear deal as “diplomatic misconduct” and urged them to stop making unilateral concessions and instead increase demands on the Iranian regime.

“What was John Kerry telling them – just ignoring America until we are back in power?” Cohanim said. “It’s kind of incredible.”

North Korea and Iran are cooperating once again with the US gaining weight in the Iran nuclear deal

Cohanim said that the maximum pressure campaign under the Trump administration to hold the Iranians accountable was one of the strongest pressure campaigns on the regime in American history, and it brought the country to its weakest point in 43 years.

The former Trump official cited Iran’s economic slowdown, mishandling of the coronavirus, and civil unrest as evidence that the country was on the verge of “collapse.”

A recent report from The Washington Times claimed that Biden administration officials, including John Kerry and Robert Malley, had meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif during the Trump administration, organized to undermine Biden’s predecessor.

Zarif has held meetings with Obama veterans who could return to power “to devise a political strategy to undermine the Trump administration” and engage in softer diplomacy between the United States and Iran.

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Kerry, now President Biden’s top climate envoy, has been outspoken about the fact that he has met Zarif at least twice during the Trump administration, leading Trump to say he should be prosecuted under the Logan Act.

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Meanwhile, Republicans Criticizes Biden’s decision to abandon the Trump era effort to reimpose UN sanctions on Iran, as the administration appears to be taking a softer approach to the regime.

Fox News’ Evie Fordham contributed to this report.

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