Iran nuclear deal: politicians and former hostage criticize Musharraf Biden’s efforts to rejoin

Iran nuclear deal: politicians and former hostage criticize Musharraf Biden's efforts to rejoin

The Biden Reportedly, the administration is set to conduct indirect negotiations over rejoining Iran The nuclear deal next week, sparking a wave of backlash from critics.

The landmark agreement, approved under former President Barack Obama in 2015, sparked a heated debate with supporters who argued that it provided a pathway to mitigate the spread of Iranian nuclear weapons. Others indicated that the deal may be unconstitutional and not strict enough on the rogue state. Tearing up the agreement as the “worst deal ever negotiated,” former President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the agreement in 2018.

“Americans should know the Biden team’s approach to reasserting US global leadership is to appease authoritarian regimes,” Xu Wang, a former Iranian hostage, tweeted on Friday.

The United States to hold indirect talks on nuclear deals and Iran pays again

Others, such as Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican ARC, also weighed them down.

“Two months later, the Biden administration was so desperate to return to a failed deal that it was giving up all its influence and making concessions after a humiliating concession,” Cotton wrote on Twitter.

Over the past two months, the United States and Iran have conducted quiet diplomacy that ultimately failed, according to the Wall Street Journal. In the past few weeks, the two sides have exchanged proposals through European mediators. Next week’s meeting in Vienna, Austria, will be held likewise through mediators, New York times I mentioned it first.

The two sides struggled to reach an agreement, with Iran demanding a complete easing of sanctions and rejecting a proposal for a limited easing of the United States. The Journal reported that a US official claimed that the administration “agreed” to a proposal from Iran for initial gestures before the actual talks. “They sent us a message that maybe the best thing for each party to make an initial gesture paving the way for these talks,” the official said.

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“They wanted some sanctions relief and in return they canceled some of the nuclear steps that they took in contravention of the JCPOA. That was their idea, and we went forward.”

Ben Rhodes, the former Obama administration official who helped craft the deal, urged the Biden administration to act quickly.

“[I]If Biden’s team does not indicate its willingness to move back to the JCPOA (which the United States left first with disastrous consequences), who knows if the window will open again. “

Iran and China are signing a deal to warn us not to isolate them, says the professor

But Richard Goldberg, the former director of the National Security Council to combat Iran’s weapons of mass destruction under the Trump administration, is concerned about the implications of the current negotiations.

“If the reports are accurate, the Biden administration is offering Iran billions of dollars of easing terror sanctions in exchange for very limited nuclear concessions,” Goldberg said.

“Biden will not lose his influence at first for little, but will violate his commitment to Congress that he will not lift sanctions on Iran linked to terrorism. The Central Bank of Iran and the Iranian National Oil Company are subject to sanctions due to their links to terrorist financing and not Iran’s nuclear program, along with complete disregard for the fact of the Agency.” International Atomic Energy [International Atomic Energy Agency] It tells the world that Iran is actively hiding undeclared nuclear sites and materials, and this could be a worse negotiating position than Obama. “

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“There is one more thing to pay attention to: Under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA), any agreement with Iran must be submitted to Congress for a vote on it before any sanctions on Iran are lifted. A billions of dollars agreement to ease oil sanctions in return for a temporary suspension of uranium enrichment by 20%, it should lead to Congressional review. “

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After Trump withdrew, Iran has intensified uranium enrichment. However, critics of the deal argue that it lacks adequate measures to ensure compliance and allow billions of dollars to flow into the state sponsor of terrorism.

“Biden is ready to relinquish the influence that Trump has acquired over Iran,” said Rep. Steve Scales, Republican from La Rela state. In a tweet Friday. “Let’s not forget: Obama and Biden’s strategy toward Iran was a disaster – we sent them money and they were planning terrorist attacks against us. Biden wants to return to that? Scary.”

Rich Edson of Fox News contributed to this report.

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