Investors believe there is a higher chance that both Tesla and Bitcoin will be halved, Deutsche Bank warns

Investors believe there is a higher chance that both Tesla and Bitcoin will be halved, Deutsche Bank warns

Investors are returning from the long weekend in an optimistic mood, with some attributing the optimism to an imminent change of guards at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And we get earnings and feedback from Janet Yellen, Biden Treasury’s top pick.

S&P 500 SPX Index,
+ 0.50%
It is up about 0.3% year over year after declining last week. This pales in comparison to some assets, with Bitcoin BTCUSD,
+ 3.54%
Down another 27% this year, after a 300% return in 2020. Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla TSLA,
+ 1.34%
It has gained 17% so far in 2021, after a gain of nearly 700% last year.

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On this note, we turn to Call today, Which is all about bubbles. It comes from a survey just published by Deutsche Bank, which asked, among other questions, where do investors see butter now.

About 89% of respondents believe the markets are experiencing bubbles, and two of them have emerged – US technology stocks and Bitcoin. The latter is close to the “extreme bubble” area.

“When asked specifically about the fate of the 12 months bitcoin and Tesla – a stock symbolizing a potential technology bubble – the majority of readers believe they are likely to fall by half from these levels with Tesla being weaker according to readers,” said strategist Jim Reed and analysts Researches Karthik Nagalingam and Henry Allen. Tesla will announce its fourth-quarter earnings on January 27th.

More bubblegum thoughts on Bitcoin – The cryptocurrency is said to have topped the “busiest spot” in Bank of America’s monthly fund manager survey, pushing tech stocks down from the top.

When it comes to bitcoin, enthusiastic investors don’t seem to get scared easily:

Another question raised in the Deutsche Bank survey is whether one of the potential bubbles – the Federal Reserve squeezing the asset-buying program – is likely.

“71% of respondents do not believe the Fed will dwindle before the end of the year, which is in line with what the Fed governors said strongly at the end of last week, but a quarter of readers may think that economic growth / markets could be said by Reid and the team.”

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Tech Stock Company,
+ 0.77%
By the way, she is Driving way higherWith Dow DJIA,
+ 0.32%
And S&P too. SXXP European Stock,
More volatile and has been Mixed day for Asian markets. International Energy Agency It lowered its oil demand forecast for 2021. Crude Oil Prices CL.1,
+ 1.41%
It looks not disturbed.

the quote

“Only 25 doses were given in one low-income country – not 25 million, not 25,000 – only 25. I need to be honest: The world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure.” This was WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who had harsh words about inequality in global vaccines. on Monday.


Bank of America Back,
+ 0.68%
Stocks fell after Profits exceeding expectations, But it is disappointing in terms of revenue, while Goldman Sachs GS,
Shares rose after strong results. Running giant Netflix
+ 1.10%
After closing. See earnings preview.

In a statement prepared ahead of the confirmation hearings, Treasury Department candidate Yellen says it’s US policy Needs to “act big” To help Americans grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States is also expected to say You don’t want a weaker dollar.

The incoming Biden administration says that travel restrictions due to the Corona virus are continuing for travelers from Europe and Brazil, after President Donald Trump Just lift the ban. This is the COVID-19 fatality Rising in 2/3 US states.

An epidemiologist in California has advised a halt to Moderna biotechnology’s more than 300,000 doses of MRNA.
A vaccine, after possible allergic reactions by some recipients.

COHR cohesive,
+ 33.01%
Shares are flying after optical component maker Lumentum said it agreed to acquire laser maker in A. $ 5.7 billion cash and equity deal.

WU from Western Union,
+ 2.35%
Shares rise after the money transfer company Advertise a deal For a presence in the giant Walmart WMT retailer,


The graph

Also from the Deutsche Bank survey, there were some questions about COVID-19 vaccines and lockdowns. Later this year, it seems, is when life is expected to return to “normal”.

And when it comes to getting vaccinated, he seems more prepared than last month:

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