Intel’s new desktop GPUs will not work on AMD systems

Intel's new desktop GPUs will not work on AMD systems

Intel released its first Iris Xe desktop graphics cards yesterday, but you won’t see them appear on systems running AMD. While Nvidia and AMD desktop GPUs typically run across a variety of Intel and AMD processors, Intel’s new desktop GPUs are more limited now.

The separate Iris Xe add-on will be paired with 9th Generation (Coffee Lake-S) and 10th Generation (Comet Lake-S) Intel® Core ™ desktop processors and Intel (R) B460, H410, B365 and H310C processors – existing motherboards sold as part Of pre-built systems, “says an Intel spokesperson at A. Statement for Legitimate reviews. “These motherboards require a special BIOS that supports Intel Iris Xe, so the cards will not be compatible with other systems.”

One of Intel’s first Iris Xe desktop GPUs.
Image: Intel

The restrictions make more sense when you think about your target market for These are Intel’s first desktop GPUs. Intel is working with Asus and other vendors to sell these cards to system integrators who will bundle them with prebuilt systems. These aren’t GPUs you can order online only, and they’re meant to be privately bundled.

Intel’s initial idea with Iris Xe desktop GPUs is simply to improve upon what is available on mainstream computers at the moment. Most standard business-focused computers come with integrated graphics, and Intel is trying to offer something that improves support for multiple monitors and hardware acceleration.

These cards are not designed for gaming optimization or for use in gaming platforms. Intel is also working on its own Xe-HPG architecture which could ultimately offer cards that can compete with AMD and Nvidia. Hopefully, these cards aren’t limited to Intel systems in a similar way.

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