Inkosaari Inkosaari Song: Hear it “Inkosaari”

Inkosaari Inkosaari Song: Hear it "Inkosaari"

Natural superstar Nani’s song “Tuck Jagadish” kicked off her musical journey with her first single, “Inkosaari Inkosaari”. Like the posters, this song is about Nani’s chemistry and leader Reto Varma. It doesn’t look forced but it goes naturally and it’s fun.

The song begins with Nani giving the name of a cute pet to Rito who plays Jomadi Varalaxmi in the movie and Nani calls her “Goma”. She loves the pet’s name then takes a back seat on the bike.

Nani and Ritu spend quality time with each other while working and the scenic sites.

Thaman is the composer of “Tuck Jagadish” and he continues to shine without a doubt. The song is soothing to the ears and the lyrical video completes well.

Shriya Ghoshal’s vocals are the best of the song and she does her magic as usual. Kala Bhairava provided male vocals.

Chaitanya Prasad wrote the lyrics to this song “Inkosaari Inkosaari” and the song scores.

“Tuck Jagadish” is a directing for Shiva Nirvana and a production of Shine Screensaver.

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