I saw T-Mobile Verizon asking people to turn off 5G and I thought ‘Why stop there’

I saw T-Mobile Verizon asking people to turn off 5G and I thought 'Why stop there'

It was T-Mobile Busy promoting 5G network, newly Spending many additional billions to expand it, Making it Kinda Embarrassingly it was discovered telling users to turn off 5G to save battery life (Via Sasha Segan). Didn’t Verizon do the same thing just a few days ago? You definitely did. But instead of learning from the example, T-Mobile appears to have pulled its Hold-my-beer feature: as Verizon has asked users to switch to LTE, several T-Mobile support documents tell users to go All the way to 2G.

In case you weren’t aware, switch to 2G (i.e. T-Mobile It easily tells you how to doIt’ll make your phone close to being a data device: The theoretical maximum speed you can get from a 2G connection will be around 1 Mbps (although many of them go up to 256 kbps). Up to 1 Mbps is 25 times slower than FTC considers acceptable broadband speedsAnd 300 times slower than Average mid-band 5G speeds that T-Mobile has boasted of.

(It doesn’t matter that T-Mobile is in the throes Phasing out 2G signals For good, Although 2G has been reported to have been switched off Delayed until 2022.)

From Samsung Galaxy S21 support page The fifth generation network.
Screen Capture: Edge

T-Mobile might have realized that kind of advice wasn’t a great look, but the company’s cover has been slow, too. Earlier today, it removed the “Switch from 5G / LTE to 2G” advice from first Example Computer Magazine Found (The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G), And the second ( Samsung Galaxy S21 5G) His support page was updated shortly before these words were written. It also didn’t take long to find advice to turn off 5G and / or 4G on the pages of LG suiteAnd the OnePlus Nord N10 5GAnd the Galaxy S20 + 5G, And the Pixel 4a 5G (Which strangely states only turning off 4G, not 5G). This is likely an incomplete list, but you get the picture: T-Mobile’s slow selection of 2G network has emerged.

(Here’s a copy of Google Cache From T-Mobile’s first support page as of March 1.)

I’ll say T-Mobile is right in one way: Switching my phone to 2G will likely be so slow that I will give up trying to use it, and my phone will probably last longer. If you are struggling with your phone’s battery life, there is it Lots of things to try That doesn’t involve pressing the brakes that hard.

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