Here are 5 players NBA analysts believe the Celtics should target in trades

Here are 5 players NBA analysts believe the Celtics should target in trades

After falling against the Mavericks on Tuesday night to drop their record below 0.500, it is clear that something has to change with the Celtics.

There are several ways to make a difference in the declining Celtics. External debates raged over whether Brad Stevens was the right man to be the team’s manager, or whether Danny Inge was the best man to run the team. Changes can be made to rotation or you can be patient and wait for Marcus Smart to return.

Or they can do a trade.

Trading may be the easiest change to make, and it may also make the most sense. While the Celtics struggled, no accusations were pointed at Stevens, Jayson Tatum, or Jaylen Brown. Many national and local analysts believe in the NBA That Tatum and Brown are playing on an all-star level as they were recently honored while Stevens is doing his best with the players he has.

Much of the blame so far has been directed at Ainge for a lack of talent outside of Tatum and Brown in the current Celtics team. With the March 25 trading deadline approaching, many analysts believe that Celtics can solve some of its problems through trade.

Boston has some commercial assets at its disposal. Arguably their largest commercial segment is the $ 28.5 million trade exception (TPE), which allows them to have any player with that salary or less without having to match it with their players’ salaries. The Celtics also have several young players, including five players selected in the first round over the past three years, and tradable contracts for Tristan Thompson and Daniel Theis.

Here are some players NBA analysts believe the Celtics should be targeting.

Thaddeus Young

If the Celtics were to get an All-Star production level from their best players, they probably wouldn’t need to trade in a star player. So, many of the suggested names won’t necessarily be the brightest.

Thaddeus Young is a prime example. The veteran striker averages 11.7 points and 5.9 rebounds per game and is knocked off the bench for the Bulls this season.

Acquiring a “senior citizen” like Young makes more sense to the Celtics, According to Ranger Kevin O’Connor.

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O’Connor wrote: “The Celtics have cost only a fraction of the mega-trader exclusion, plus fewer assets than other higher-value targets.” “Young is a 32-year-old veteran who can act as a small ball center and add toughness, build-up and volume. But he’s not going to make them a final team, and that’s exactly why Ainge and the front office ask themselves: ‘What can we do and what should we do? “

As O’Connor mentioned, Young is winning $ 13.5 million this season, the second year of his $ 43 million three-year deal, which not only fits into the exception, but will give them close to $ 15 million to work with them.

Harrison Barnes

In recent interviews, Ainge mentioned that what he is most looking for in commerce right now is “volume photography”.

Kings Harrison Barnes striker fits the law. Barnes averages 15.9 points per game while he shoots 48.5 per cent from the field and 39.5 per cent from 3.

With the Kings keeping a record of 12-19 with a relatively small team, some analysts suggested that the Kings could move the vet to help rebuild, and if they did, the Celtics should call out the Kings on his behalf.

“Barnes is 28 years old. He plays some of the most efficient basketball matches of his career,” Chris Vosberg of NBC Sports Boston He wrote in a column arguing that the Celtics would trade for Barnes. “He brings volume and defensive variety. He has tournament experience and knows how to contribute to victory as the fourth choice in a list full of talent.”

There are two caveats associated with trading with Barnes. While his $ 22.2 million salary is in line with TPE, Celtics will have to transfer the salary because they are just below the flat salary cap of $ 19.5 million.

The other big question is whether the monarchs want to trade it. O’Connor reports that Kings are not looking to move the Branes as they try to push for the playoffs.

Horford and George Hill

If Kings weren’t sellers, there would likely be one team.

Last season, Thunder struck six deals in which they swapped veteran players with draft picks from the first round. With the team sitting at 12-19 and only considering the moves they made months earlier, Thunder would likely be willing to drop any veterans on their list at the right price.

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Two of these veteran players who can assist any team are Al Horford Center and George Hill goalkeeper. Celtics fans are, of course, familiar with Horford, who spent three seasons in Boston. After a disappointing year in Philadelphia, Horford showed signs of playing as he did when he was in Boston. He averaged 14.5 points, 6.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists per match while he was shooting 45.1% of the field and 38.1% from 3.

Hill has only arrived in Oklahoma City this season. He averaged 11.8 points and 3.1 assists per game while shooting 50.8 percent off the field and 38.6 percent from 3. Hill had not played since Jan 25 with a thumb injury, but is expected to return before the trade deadline.

Athletic John Hollinger believes the Celtics should be targeting both Horford and Hale.

“Horford, of course, knows this team very well,” Hollinger said Wrote. His salary matched the exception, and inclusion of Thompson and two small contracts would keep Boston under the tax line this year. The problem is that he’s making $ 27 million a year from now, when Tatum’s supermax starts, and that could leave the Celtics with a hefty tax bill.

“Hill, on the other hand, could be a more logical option as he earns roughly the same amount as Thompson and is on contract for next season. While ideally, the Celtics would have a larger perimeter player, Hill would nonetheless have a mammoth upgrade. For what is now. “

As stated by Hollinger, he is not playing any of the forward position that Ainge is looking for, but that might not matter. The Celtics had problems at the base for much of the season. Walker was dealt with a knee injury and didn’t look like he normally would throughout most of the season. Smart will likely miss at least 19 matches due to a calf injury and Jeff Teague is not part of the Celtics’ regular rotation anymore.

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If the Celtics brought Horford, they would have to transfer at least $ 8 million in salary due to Horford’s salary of $ 27.5 this season.

Aaron Gordon

Magic striker Aaron Gordon hits both Ainge’s shots with volume slots. Standing at 6 feet 9, Gordon shoots 42.7 percent of the field and 36.9 percent of the 3-point range this season.

Celtics radio broadcaster Sean Grande described his “irrational” commercial goal, saying it was “a sexier choice” than the other options available.

“The only thing for me about Aaron Gordon, because we see what could be and what was mostly, I want to see him without [Nikola] Vosevic, Grande He said on the “Celtics Talk” podcast. I think he’s a different player with him, and that’s not a hit on anyone. This game is about the right players together in a group. I don’t think Aaron Gordon is with Vosevic – there’s a lot of replication out there.

“Aaron Gordon is like the little five ball. That raises something on the irrational side of my brain that says – it’s a sexier choice. There are more positive and negative sides than Harrison Barnes or Thaddeus Young.”

Gordon’s salary of $ 18.1 million keeps the Celtics not having to trade anything other than TPE to get him. Of course, magic could want more than that in order to make a deal.

The other thing with Gordon is that he is currently suffering from a severe sprain in his left ankle, which has banished him since February 1 and is expected to cause him to be banished in four to six weeks.

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