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Smiley Rory McIlroy He offered to “sign a bag of frozen peas” to his father, Jerry, after he hit him in the leg with an iron bullet during the first round of the Masters tournament. Sr. McIlroy walked away from the incident next to Augusta’s national seventh green team with a smile of his own. Rory, from 180 yards away, immediately realized that Jerry had hit an intentional hook from behind a tree that was holding her streak instead. After screaming “Four” from his son, the ball fell to Jerry’s lower leg but apparently didn’t cause any meaningful damage.

Four times the winner said, “I was trying to keep the ball away from him.” “It was a perfect shot; he was dead straight. But I think he was okay. He didn’t limp away, walk away very quickly, so this was just fine. I knew it was my dad when I was shooting him, so maybe 30 seconds before he hit him.” .

An agreement for golfers hitting spectators with stray shots is to donate a signed glove by way of an apology. “He’s seen me sign a lot of things over the years, so I think that’s the least of his worries,” added McIlroy. “I think he just needs to go and put some ice. Maybe I’ll drop him a bag of frozen peas.”

McIlroy’s mood visibly improved by a decent ending to the first round on a brutally tough day in Georgia.

The 31-year-old was past five after 14 holes but recovered to sign four over 76. In the context of high records and McIlroy’s constant swinging work, it wasn’t a disaster.

Rory McIlroy's father, Jerry, was shot by Rory on the seventh day.
Rory McIlroy’s father, Jerry, was shot by Rory on the seventh day. Photo: Masters of the United States

McIlroy added, “Frankly, I’m totally encouraged by the way I hit her down the road.” “I hit some loose shots there but after I hit the Six Irons in the water at 13 I do some really good shots. It was only one of those days when I wasn’t very effective at scoring goals.

“It got stuck in there. I could make more sparrows, but it’s not like anyone really goes down there.” 65-year-old Justin Rose was yet to come when he was speaking.

McIlroy spent a short spell on the field with Pete Quinn, the famous English coach who was recently added to the number 12 team globally, upon completion of the media assignments after the tour.

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