Hayley Williams releases album FLOWERS for VASES / descansos

Hayley Williams releases album FLOWERS for VASES / descansos

Just over a year after her release Debut album solo Petals for a shieldAnd the Hayley Williams is gone and done again. At midnight on Friday, February 5, Williams released her second solo album Flowers for florarium / discanus. The album consisting of fourteen songs from “Paramore Front” was produced by Daniel James, mixed by Carlos de la Garza, and perfected by Heba Qadri. It features the recently released song “My Limb” that Williams sent to a fan in Nashville. Who leaked the song with Williams’ permission. Williams, That was recently the subject of an eagle In the conversationAnd the She said her latest album is not a follow-up to her debut album, despite similar floral images. “This is not really a follow up Petals for a shield, Williams said in a statement. “If anything, it’s an introduction, or some kind of wrap between them Parts 1 And the 2 From Petals. Maybe the meaning of the album as a whole is very different from diving into each song in particular. ” Williams made news recently after being publicly criticized. Former Paramore Fellow Josh Farrow for his anti-gay FaceBook comments leading up to the 2020 election“There is a reason only 3 people remain.” Embed a Tweet. Surprise haters, that’s no reason for me. ” You can listen to Ally Hayley Williams’ second single album, Florists for flowers / descansos

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