Hayley Arseno to be the youngest American woman in space

Hayley Arseno to be the youngest American woman in space

Assistant doctor, 29-year-old cancer survivor Hailey Arseno is the latest member of SpaceX’s all-civilian crew. Her age makes her the youngest American woman to ever go to space – and just that One One of the things that makes it a badass.

Arceneaux breaks many boundaries. Women have gone into space before, but in smaller numbers compared to their male colleagues. Before Arceneaux, SpaceX had only sent another woman to the moon. And she totally broke the boundaries that would normally prevent someone like her from heading into space. Arceneaux was diagnosed with bone cancer when she was 10 years old. From nineteenth:

Under current NASA medical guidelines, Arceneaux was unable to participate in the mission: She has an artificial joint in her leg and a titanium rod in her left thigh bone resulting from her treatment. She spent a heavy year going byChemotherapy and subsequent surgery to remove the lump in her left knee. She had to learn to walk again.

Astronauts undergo rigorous physical tests to qualify for the flight, and a prosthesis would have excluded them from a mission had it not been for the commercial nature of the flight. WooMen were initially excluded from spaceflight due to assumptions about fitness and gender expectations.

It is capable of making the trip because the trip is being led by billionaire Jared Isaacman, who bought the flight from SpaceX and decided to set aside two seats for people who have treated or worked in St. Jude. Arsinoe, former patient, She was only working as a paramedic at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital when she received a call to join the crew.

Her answer was a resounding “Yes!” Then he asked her to ask her mother, who had gone through a lot of hell to keep her daughter healthy. But it was the kind of opportunity I was silly to miss.

“Women belong in space … I won’t be the last,” said Arseno. “And I’m incredibly passionate about representing women, and then representing those who aren’t physically perfect.”

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