“Happy” Joe Douglas Gates defeated Ramez despite losing first place

"Happy" Joe Douglas Gates defeated Ramez despite losing first place

Most of the Jets fans were clear about wanting the team to go 0-16 once it became clear that the 2020 season was not going anywhere. They dreamed of first choice in draft and Clemson star Trevor Lawrence. After that, the jets scored a shocking 23-20 victory over Ramez on December 20 and The # 1 pick went to Jacksonville.

Celebrated players and coaches. Fans were outraged. But what about CEO Joe Douglas who could have chosen Lawrence?

“I was happy for these guys,” Douglas said Tuesday. “These guys never backed off. The week before we flew to Seattle and that was bad. Your thought process was: How would these people respond?” Back to the West Coast, playing a great team at the Los Angeles Rams and leading the team from start to finish, I was so proud of the way. With which these guys fought. They never backed off. I just know being in the locker room how much joy and excitement there was in these guys. There was no one on this team, and no one in this organization wanted to go 0-16 and be He has this scarlet letter on his autobiography for the rest of his career. “

This win makes Douglas’ job even more difficult this season. Instead of the easy decision to take Lawrence, he should now consider whether he will take the second-placed midfielder like Justin Fields or Zach Wilson or stick with Sam Darnold.

Joe Douglas

Jets CEO and Chairman Christopher Johnson said Monday that the team is looking for a coach to manage the entire team, a “CEO” type coach. But what if this coach wants to control individuals as well? This is currently Douglas’ domain.

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“I think that’s a good question to ask Christopher,” Douglas said. “In the end, I think we’re looking for a great partner who will come here, work hand in hand. We’ll hold arms and try to turn this thing together. I think that’s the quality we’re looking for.”

Johnson said Monday that the team will consider changing its organizational structure so that the new coach reports to GM rather than having them equally report to the property.

He said, “For me, it’s about the person.” “I don’t care. I just hope to attract the right person, the right leader for the job.”

Douglas said the team wants to bring back safety Marcus May, who could become a free agent in March. Douglas said it was a priority.

Douglas said he did not speak to LBCJ Mosley, who chose not to participate this season, but that there are four years left to the contract he signed with Gates in 2019. Douglas said he will check with Moseley soon.

Douglas on whether he feels any regrets about trading safety Jamal Adams to Seahawks: “I’m glad Jamal has a chance to compete in the qualifiers. Wish him luck. I would say we didn’t look in the rear-view mirror once we made our decision about Jamal, and we’re excited. When we were able to get him in the trade on his behalf. Now we have to go find the right players with the resources we got in the trade. “

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