Guilty Gear: Strive ‘Game Modes’ trailer; More detailed modes

Guilty Gear: Strive

Arc System Works has released a new trailer for Guilty Gere: Struggle We bring you the different game modes, as well as new information and screenshots detailing the offline game modes, Story Mode, GG World, Gallery Mode, and Online Mode.

Get the details below.

Battle system

Roman canceled

It cancels your attack, sends a shock wave, and slows down your opponent’s movement. You can use it while attacking to strengthen your attack, or use it defensively to defeat your opponent’s attacks. Roman Cancel is a mechanic that can add depth to your matches, depending on how you use it.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Break the wall

Lead the opponent to the edge of the platform and unleash a specific attack to break the wall and blow it away in different stage with flashy sight. Not only will they take extra damage from hit, but your character’s attack power and other stats will increase for a limited time.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle

■ Offline profiles

Story mode

Estimated conclusion!

Story of the Guilty equipment It finally reaches its climax! The story mode that fans loved in previous titles is back again Guilty Gere: Struggle! Now with more trends and cutting edge graphics.

The Guilty equipment The series has been around for more than 20 years. Story of the Guilty Gere: Struggle It is located in the USA. Our hero Soul Badji has lived an incredible life, but what would be his final choice …?

Please look for more details.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle

JG World

A huge encyclopedia with which you can read everything there is to know Guilty equipment!

The Guilty equipment The series has more than 20 years of history. GG World includes a “Chronology” that displays the history and events of the series at a glance. “Glossary” where you can read character profiles and world settings; And a “link map” for the relationships between each letter. There is a massive amount available that will make even new players feel comfortable.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Gallery mode

Enjoy the artwork, music and movies!

In Gallery mode, you can view character illustrations, prepare photos, and other development materials from Guilty Gere: Struggle. There’s a lot to see too, including previous trailers and songs Guilty equipment Titles.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle

■ Fashion online

Undo Netcode

Guilty Gere: Struggle It uses the same type of network driver that I enjoyed in the previous address Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R. (Steam version)!

The net back symbol allows a great match experience, regardless of the distance between players. If you’re having trouble finding a discount, try searching all over the world!

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Online lobby

– Customize your avatar and fight against players from all over the world!

Control your own custom avatar and enjoy battles and communication while using emoticons and chatting.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle

—- A new ranking system pits you against players of the same skill level!

Guilty Gere: StruggleThe Online ‘s Internet lobby assigns you a floor based on your skill level. The skill level is determined not only by the outcome of the battle, but also by the analysis of your actions during matches. And because players of the same skill level meet naturally on the same floor, everyone from new players to veterans can enjoy intense fights!

Guilty Gere: Struggle

– The floor above the lobby is reserved only for the most skilled players

Only players who continue to score well can enter the “Heaven” floor at the top of the Internet lobby. The entrance to this floor is a very narrow gate. It is literally the top of the top.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

—Use Quick Start to quickly jump into online battles

Guilty Gere: Struggle It features a “Quick Start” function that allows players to jump directly from the menu screen to battle ready mode. Go to an online match instantly!

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Player match

Up to nine players can enter the “Player Match” room, allowing players to enjoy online battles with specific friends.

Guilty Gere: Struggle

Guilty Gere: Struggle PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC are scheduled to be released via Steam on April 9th. The Deluxe and Ultimate Editions for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will be released three days before April 6th. Read more about the game Here.

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Watch the trailer below. View screen shots in the gallery.

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