Google seems to have started updating its major iOS apps

Google seems to have started updating its major iOS apps

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There are signs that the wait may be over. It appears that Google has finally decided to start updating the major iOS apps. The company has released an update for Youtube This weekend, more than two months after its last update.

As he explained 9to5GoogleThat spotted update, It’s normal for Google to stop updating apps in December due to holidays. Updates are not posted during the holidays because there may not be as many employees as usual to fix any issues with them. However, updates usually resume in early January. This did not happen this year though a lot The majority of Google’s iOS apps have not been updated since December, the port said.

Speculation immediately followed, of course, about a possible reason behind the delay. The popular theory was related to Apple New privacy labels, Which aims to inform users about the data applications it collects and whether this data is associated with it or used to track it. Apple released the labels in December, and developers are now required to include them to update their apps and submit new apps.

YouTube privacy stickers on the app store.

YouTube privacy stickers on the app store.
A screen shot: Youtube

This theory doesn’t apply to YouTube, which already had labels before Google’s update this weekend. 9to5Google states this YouTube MusicAnd the YouTube TV, And the YouTube studio All of them were nominated at the beginning of February. However, none of these apps have been updated in months.

Google also came out and said that Delays are not due To Apple’s privacy stickers. In January, it began rolling out more labels for its apps, and has also published an A blog about privacy Which mentioned the labels.

“As Google’s iOS apps are updated with new features or bug fixes, you’ll see updates to our app page listings that include new app privacy details,” Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Vice President of Product and Privacy wrote. “These labels represent the maximum categories of data that can be collected – meaning if you use every available feature and service in the app.”

Gizmodo reached out to Google to ask why other major iOS apps are not receiving updates yet and when we should expect them. We’ll update this blog if we hear it.

Does this mean that Google is not concerned about Apple’s new privacy labels? Oh no. Google’s main activity is advertising, and they’ve no doubt had conversations about ratings. However, in this case, it is probably safe to say that the delay in updates is related to something else. Maybe even something completely normal.

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