Google Pixel phones are set to get rid of the blinding white boot screen

Google Pixel phones are set to get rid of the blinding white boot screen

With the upcoming update, Google’s Pixel phones will not have light and dark versions of their boot screen, eliminating the bright white version almost completely.

For years, Pixel phones have always displayed a white background boot animation anytime they turn on or restart. With Android 10, Google brought a new Android dark mode option to this boot screen, replacing the dark white with the bright black, but only when the phone is switched to dark mode. Before Reboot.

As mentioned XDA Developers Powered by LineageOS Director 020400 LuccaGoogle a New change To an Android Open Source Project that changes Pixel phones to only use white boot screen animation once. More specifically, the white boot screen is only used if the phone was never set up after purchase or factory reset. After that, Pixel will always use the dark mode boot screen, regardless of the dark mode toggle.

According to the message attached to the icon change, “Google UI Team [has decided] To always use the dark boot after making the device available. ”The change seems to be made so that if you schedule your phone to restart to refresh late at night, your Pixel won’t shine in a bright white light in your bedroom – or wherever you keep your phone at night.

Since the change to use dark boot screen now only appears in the Android icon, we will still need to wait for the Pixel update monthly in the future before our phones give this particularly bright screen. The boot. Now if only Google could give that remedy to the incredibly bright reboot screen for Chrome OS.

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